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Campaign of Street of Formosa!?

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Aircraft still need.........


J-7IIA series

Su-30MK [Maybe WIP?]

Q-5 series

H-6 series [updated Tu-16]


J-8II Finback [Near release]

FC-1/JF-17 [Maybe usefull]

J-11B Updated J-11/Su-27SK

Navay J-11 [Not Su-33,may be based Su-27SK,with some tech of Su-33]





F-5E [ava Updated type]

IDF "Ching-Ku" [it is said near released]

F-16 Block20 [updated to better],Skin need

Mirage 2000-5 [i love this!!!!!]

AT-3 "ZiQiang" [Ground attacker role Trainer]




ROCAF Air base.......in 2005


Ching Chuan Kang AB (3rd<427th>TFW)


3rd FG

7th TFS ----------------20 Ching-Kus

8th TFS ----------------20 Ching-Kus

28TFS ------------------20 Ching-Kus

Test & Evaluation SQ ----10 Ching-Kus


Pingtung AB


33 Sqn S-2T

34 Sqn S-2T

101st Airlift Squadron C-130H

102st Airlift Squadron C-130H

103st Airlift Squadron C-119G/L

20 (AEW&EW) Squadron E-2T


Taoyuan AB (8th<828th>TFW)

8th FG

4th TRS 24 F-5E

15th TFS 24 F-5E

16th TFS 24 F-5E


Hsinchu AB (11th/2nd<499th>TFW)

11th FG

41st TFS 20 Mirage 2000-5

42nd TFS 20 Mirage 2000-5

48th TFS 20 Mirage 2000-5



Kangshan AB

AT-TC-3 [60,more or less]



Hualin AB (5th<401st>TFW)

5th FG

17th TFS 20 F-16 BLK20

26th TFS 20 F-16 BLK20

27th TFS 20 F-16 BLK20


Tainan AB (1st<443th>TFW)

1st FG

1st TRS 20 Ching-KU

3rd TFS 20 Ching-KU

9th TFS 20 Ching-KU



Chiaji AB [if it is right] (4TH<455TH>TFW)

4st FG

14th TFS 20 F-16 BLK20

21st TFS 20 F-16 BLK20

22nd TFS 20 F-16 BLK20

23rd TFS 20 F-16 BLK20



Taidong AB (7th<737th>TFW)

7th FG

44th TRS 24 F-5E/F

45th TFS 24 F-5E/F

46th TFS 24 F-5E/F

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