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What "allowable weapon type" is BLU-107/B?

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The title pretty much says it. I want to load out my F-18 and F-16 with BLU-107's, but I can't and I'm not sure what weapon type needs to be added to the stations in the data.ini so that I can do it.


And while I'm on the subject, is there some way to tell what "weapon type" each weapon is? When I open the weapons in the weapons editor, I don't see anything that would indicate what weapon type (Bomb, LGB, ARM, IRM... etc) would need to be added to a weapon station so that the weapon can be used. So how does the sim know? Magic...?



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Just off the top of my head, as I am at work, I believe the BLU-107 is the Durandal.


Rocket or bomb type, I'd imagine, but the weight may be a killer, as they are hefty, especially in groups, wich is how they like to travel.

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The Knowledge base has it all broke down on what each weapon type is.




Hope this helps.


Thanks. I believe that is in the Weapons Pack PDF as well. I was looking more for a way to determine what class a specific weapon is. For example, if I'm trying to load a durandal on an aircraft how do I determine what class I need to add to the station (ie - RCKT, BOMB, CGR, etc...). I can always guess and check, but I wondered if there was a way to tell based on the weapon data.



durandal is classed as ROCKET I'm pretty sure.


RCKT was it. Thanks!

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