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MiG-21S (NATO "Fishbed-J")

Single-seat interceptor fighter version, equipped with an RP-22 radar and an optional external gun pod. (Incorrectly identified by NATO as the MiG-21PFMA); E-8, Type 88 Indian Air Force designation.


This was the first "third generation of MiG-21 Fishbeds".

Since the MiG-21R retained complete combat capability even if it wasn't actually used in practice, it was an obvious next step to produce a new fighter variant based on its updated airframe. After evaluation with prototypes designated "Ye-7S", the updated fighter was put into production at Gorkiy in 1965 as the "MiG-21S", or "I-95" as the Mikoyan OKB referred to it. It remained in production until 1968.


Aside from the new airframe, the MiG-21S featured some new kit, including a more powerful RP-22 Sapfir (NATO codename Jay Bird) radar with range at least doubled; an ASP-PF gunsight for the optional GSh-23 centerline cannon pod; and a link for the Lazur-M ground-control system. It could carry a range of heat-seeking or radar-guided AAMs, as well as rockets or bombs. Early on, the MiG-21S was qualified for carriage of a tactical nuclear weapon on the centerline pylon. The AOA sensor, the offset pitot tube, and the periscope was added in later production.This was the first version with four wing pylons.


Although the MiG-21R and MiG-21S incorporated many improvements, the weight increase meant that ceiling and climb rate had suffered. Worse, the hoped-for range increase with the increased fuel capacity didn't materialize, mostly due to fuel trim problems that made the expanded fuel capacity something of a fiction. Obviously the design needed some more rethinking, but that was going to take time and effort.


In the meantime, incremental improvements would have to do. An export version of the MiG-21S, the "MiG-21M" or "I-96", was built at the Znamya Trudaya factory from 1968 into 1971. It retained the older RP-21M radar, but featured a GSh-23L twin-barreled cannon in a flush belly installation, replacing the centerline GSh-23 cannon pod introduced on the MiG-21PFM. The flush cannon pallet carried a store of 200 rounds of ammunition and could be neatly winched out of the fuselage for servicing. The new cannon scheme not only reduced drag but permitted carriage of a fuel tank or other store on the centerline pylon. A steel blast panel was installed on the belly of the aircraft forward of the cannon muzzles. HAL of India license-built the MiG-21M, with initial production delivered in 1973.


This mod represent Soviet version MiG-21S with deleted cannon and IRM AA capability only, radar guided missles was only tested on "S" and fully implemented on MiG-21SM (none of "S" were exported).It differs from SM/MF engine wise too - it had weaker "R" type engine. Nevertheless it was large step forward compared to PFM.





1. Copy the "MiG-21S" folder to your Strike Fighters\Objects\Aircraft folder.


2. The Sound files goes in your Strike Fighters\Sounds folder.


3. Enjoy





Thanx and credits goes to all community - I love you all.

P.S> Special thx for friendship goes to Pasko, MoonJumper and Jimbib.... Ok Dave - to you also :yes:


Note : In loadout_ini for Atholl's stands R-3S

if you don't use weapon packs - it should stand AA-2 instead















or select manualy in loadout screen menu....


Cheers !!! :yes:


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.... Ok Dave - to you also :yes:


He likes me, he actually likes me! :biggrin::haha:


Nice work man.

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Errr.... I will upload that one too - removed gun and scope/rear mirror - just need to remove deflector plates and MiG-21R - here we go....


Recce pod is Chaff/flares capable (thx MJ), added ECM as well as passive/active jammer.

Edited by starfighter2

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.... done - removed all unneeded stuff from "R"

Waiting Mago's answer regard removeing rear pit mirror...



very nice addition.It's amazing how much can be figured out and done in this sim.thank you Starfighter. :clapping:

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Where did the description come from?



* Since the MiG-21R retained complete combat capability even if...




....HAL of India license-built the MiG-21M, with initial production delivered in 1973.


MiG-21 (v1.0.2) ~> http://www.vectorsite.net/avmig21_1.html#m1


I always give a source when I poast something from somewhere else.


:good: Nice addition btw. I plan to use MiG-21s as backup to heavy PVO interceptors, like Bf-109s backstopped the heavier Fw-190 bomber destroyers.


Please add source to your description.

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