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A Few Questions, and some discoveries as well.

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Hi, I'm new arround here, and this is my second post. And first time starting a topic.

I also should let you know that English is not my first language so if I say something horribly wrong, please be patient. :dntknw::biggrin:

Well I gess I'll start with the things I would like to know.


nº1: I'm doing a Korea Air War Install with RED FALCON. I have Updated the Korea terrain, with the avaiable update and done everything else acording to instructions. The Problem is when trying to start a Campaing with the Soviet 1/196 reg. the game crashes. I've found the cause of the crash is the airfield set to them Siping AB (PCR). Because if you change it It will work fine. But not with every other airfield on the NKorean side. There apears to be at least another one that's also faulty (can't remember wich one). So asside from changing the squadrons to working airfields. Does anyone know how to fix this?


nº2 Is there a way to have the radar on the corner of the screen on hard settings? I like to have radar on hard but would like to have radar for those few types we don't have a proper PIT or the game engine does not suport the real plane PIT functionality (ex. radar on HUD). and the author chose to leave the radar for corner screen only.


nº3 I'm having trouble findong some skins for my campaigns. So if any know the whereabouts of this skins would REALLY apreciate it:

KN - A-4E skin: knights of the north israel 110 sqd

144 - IAI NESHER skin: Phoenix Israel sqn 144

Brown - MI-24 skin: 28th egipt heli Rgt

Green - MI-24 skin: 2nd Syrian heli Rgt (I have a Syrian skin I got from here but don't think it's the right one)





nº1-Also with KAW - Red Falcon: the author gives this note:



In order to get the Mig-15 units to sport the default North Korean colors as well as have a historically correct Soviet name list, I had to redo the North Korean name list to reflect Soviet fighter pilots. This works nicely as historically the Soviet participation was done in secret while flying North Korean colors. As far as the Chinese are concerned, they did not use planes with Chinese markings, so I had to do something similar to their units (they are sporting traditional Soviet markings on their planes, this is actually not historical but is the closest we can get with limitations).


Now me beeing stuborn as I am, I tried to fix this (since this is a KAW - Red Falcon, only install) by changing the Soviet Insignias wich are the Chinese insignias .TGAs and replacing them with NKOREAN .TGAs renamed to replace the soviet

and chinese insignias.

It worked, but... On the chinese planes the insignia seams to be places under a yelow transparent mask that changes it's colour. Any Ideas to fix this?


So this is what you have to do to have both the soviet and chinese sqds flying with Nkoreas Insignias.

Extract from the objectdata.cat any nkoren insignia #029 nation wich will be the files Insignia029.tga or Insignialv029.tga then copy it until you have 4 copies (don't know if the 4 are necessary but it's to much trial and error for me I prefer to have the 4 files) and name those copies with the soviet insignias file names wich are insignia005.tga, insignialv005.tga, finflash005.tga and finflashlv005.tga.

that's it.




nº2 - Don't know if this is any use to anyone but I've found that out of SFP1, WoV and WoE any game runs with any of the others .EXE.


nº3 - now this may be of use Probably for the reason above (that the 3 are realy the same game (after updates) with diferent content) you can get (most usefull) WoE objectdata.cat and put it in SFP1 or WoV (only extra 200mb from sfp1 datacat) this way you can save lots of trouble putting aircraft from the newer games into the older ones, not having to extract the proper files.

Also the WoE data.cat contains all the files from the older games data.cats even for planes not present in WoE and this is the reason you can import planes into WoE simply by copying the plane's folder.

It's also for example to give the Hunter F6 the FGA's cockpit in SFP1 this was fairly easy on WoE but not so much in SFP1 or WoV.


I know I'm not giving the more experienced crew any news. But for those like me that are new. I have found this knowledge very usefull yet for all my browsing this and the other forums didn't find any mentioning it. So this might save someone else the trouble to find it on it's own.


Don't know if it's to presumptuous but maybe the above n2 and n3 point belong in the knowledge database?

what do you think?


And once again if anyone can help me with my questions. :biggrin:

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Hi - Your English is fine - welcome



For the tgas - did you actually open them up to see if they had a yellow background?



For no2 - Years ago I remember having to rename sfg.exe to sfp1.exe so that hyperlobby would work - other than exes really should be left alone if poss IMO

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Hi - Your English is fine - welcome



For the tgas - did you actually open them up to see if they had a yellow background?



For no2 - Years ago I remember having to rename sfg.exe to sfp1.exe so that hyperlobby would work - other than exes really should be left alone if poss IMO



Thanks CoolHand29 I was beguining to think no one was going to guive me any kind of reply.


But actually I just reallized I'm a big jerk. That nº2 under discoveries was not to be a question but a sort of tutorial. Well before it was a question but as I was posting I had a "bright" moment and solved the problem myself so that my chinese migs were fixed. but as I copied/pasted/erased what I had writen I left that line from when it was a question.


So if anyone interested do what I described next. Should give you nkorean marked chinese migs.


Also as an update today I was able to find a source for most skins I was looking for. Turns out I decided to try and download the yomkippur 1973 campaing and they were there. I'm still missing those Hind skins though.


As for the EXE thingy that was also not a question.

I gess I made this post very confusing (and you say my english is fine) maybe I should have made more than one post at least two one with my questions and another one with my findings.


Anyway back to the EXE so far to my experience the EXEs for SFP1,WoV and WoE as long as all the games are patched to latest standart's can be safely "commuted" between games and they will work.


Anyway thaking the time for answering. :ok:

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