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What is it or which loadaut on Mi-24?

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I don't think it can use Vikhrs. Maybe that's an Igla rigged up as cheap AA missile?



Recent models like the W may use Vikhrs, Shuturms Igla-V´s.




Internal guns

flexible 12.7 mm Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B Gatling gun on most variants

fixed GSh-30K on the Mi-24P/VP

flexible GSh-23L on the Mi-24VP

PKT door mounted machine guns


External stores


Total payload is 1500 kg of external stores.

Inner hardpoints can carry at least 500 kg

Outer hardpoints can carry up to 250 kg

Wing-tip pylons can only carry the 9M17 Phalanga in the Mi-24A-D and the 9K114 Shturm complex in the Mi-24V-F.




All bombs within weight range ZAB, FAB, RBK, ODAB etc.

MBD-4 multiple ejector racks with 4xFAB-100

KGMU2V submunition/mine dispensers

First generation armament (standard production Mi-24D)

GUV-8700 gunpod (with a 12.7 mm Yak-B + 2x7.62 mm GShG-7.62 combination or one AGS-17)

UB-16 and UB-32 S-5 rocket launchers

S-24 240mm rocket

R-60 (twin rail launchers)

9M17 Phalanga (a pair on each wingtip pylon)


Possible combination of armament of Mi-24WSecond generation armament (Mi-24V and upgrades)


UPK-23-250 gunpod carrying the GSh-23L

S-25 350mm rockets

B-8V20 a lightweight long tubed helicopter version of the S-8 rocket launcher

UB-13 S-13 rocket launcher

9M39 Igla missile 2-4 tubes per launcher

9K114 Shturm in pairs on the outer and wingtip pylons

ATE upgrade (Superhind MkIII B)

30 mm turreted cannon

8× Ingwe anti-tank guided missile





In foreign service other weapons have sometimes been converted for use

Modern prototypes can carry the 9K121 Vikhr (Ukrainian prototypes), 9M120 Ataka-V (Mil prototypes), R-73 and a variety of semi-active laser guided rockets and missiles.

Early variants had holes in the cargo doors so that infantry could fire assault rifles (much like on Soviet APCs from that period). These were removed from later production. Sometimes a door gunner was added in the field.

During the war in Afghanistan, additional hand-held weapons were carried internally for crew self defence if shot down. Extra rounds of rocket ammunition were often carried so that the crew could land and self-reload in the field.

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Isn't that one of the Hinds operated by the US Army as an aggressor?

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Isn't that one of the Hinds operated by the US Army as an aggressor?


MAYBE YES, when i posted, after i was find it like US serviced, and similars more places



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