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Right... I did search for STARM, Shrike etc (it won't allow to search for 3 letter abbreviation). The advice and pictures there didn't help much :blush:

The question is - how does one hit a radar with stock standard ARM? :blink: Tried in WoV, WoE, WoI - no hits at all. Shrike hits easily. STARM just ignores everything no matter at what range or angle I launch it. Even head on, from rather long range and while a SAM is being tracked at me. First I thought it was because I can't get a precise bearing to a radar in A-6 (if there's an RWR I don't see it) unless I get a visual lock. Then I tried it with all sorts of planes and still scored no hits at all, while Shirike worked nearly perfectly.



Not that it's something of importance - AGM-78 is really rare ordnance in those games.

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IMO I never had much luck with the AGM-78 even though it was supposed to be better than the AGM-45 apparently - so I always used the shrike A's


I guess you could tweak the AGM-78 - or there may be a better one in the weps pack

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My experiences in-game are the opposite. The Shrike is about 35-40% effective, the STARM almost 75%.


Same for me. I'm getting more successful hits with the -78 than with the Shrike. Using the RWR I'll get a direction to launch, and frequently I'll see the blip go out after impact.

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