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My latest completed build

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This is a 1/48th scale Italeri F-14A+ Tomcat backdated to a early model F-14A














The kit bang seats were pretty laughable, so I replaced them with some seats from a Hasegawa Tomcat...the ventral fins were WAY off shape wise, so those too were replaced with parts from a Hasegawa. The kit came with two closed Pratt & Whitney nozzles, I had a spare open P&W nozzle from an Academy kit, so I used that on the port engine. I added a TARPS pod from a Hasegawa kit....mostly cause you just don't see them very often. The markings I used were from an early Tomcat, the kit did not come with the proper chinpod, so I liberated that from an old Revellogram Tomcat. The VF-111 Sundowners markings came from Aeromasters "Tomcat Supreme part 2" sheet. The colors are Model Master "Gloss Gull Grey" overall and I used MMs "Neutral Grey" for the TARPS pod. The wash was done using pastel chalk ground up into a powder and mixed with water and some liquid soap.



BTW....yeah, I know the fin caps are supposed to be red...the decals were scaled for the Hasegawa kit and the Italeri tail fins were just a tad too short

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Ooh... purdy! I had one this size when I was a kiddo back in the 80s that fell afoul of a german sheppard pup... :cray:

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What no kids in the house? lol Good work man.



No, she was doing this....




This is her first model....not bad for a 7 year old, eh?

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