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Well, I just had a hit and run accident happen right out in front of my house tonight. The guy almost got away, except he was seen moments later going down another street in my neighborhood. Apparently, he was driving a raised chevy 1500 and rear-ended another vehicle in front of my house while doing 40+ down on my street (25 mph is barely safe on it). The vehice got bashed up pretty bad and leaking gasoline. So, me, being a cop, thought to myself that his truck had to be pretty banged up too and leaking fluids. So I drive my car up to where he was last seen and sure enough, there is plenty of radiator and transmission fluids on the ground leading a nice trail that goes right back to the guy's house (which happened to be just around the corner from where I live). Unfortunately, the guy bailed in another car before I got there, but his dad was still at home, totally unaware of what his son had done. The folks who got hit didn't want to call the police at first, but their neighbors convinced them to because this a school zone and this guy will keep doing these stunts untill he's arrested. So they finally called the cops, but I think it was a non-emergency call. I know I can place the call myself, but I have to be sensitive to the fact that I'm a minority in my neightborhood (being white in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood) and I don't want to start splitting hairs with the people that I want to be friends with. Anyways, I don't think he'll be racing around here again now that his truck is O-O-C and that we know where he lives. I know this ain't aviation related, but I couldn't keep a story like this to myself.... I wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I did.

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Nice to know there are people like you, keeping the streets safe for others!


Cudo's for you my man!




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