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I tell ya, Fleet Air Arm gets no respect....

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In a sort of historical stretch, here's a look at the (what if...) Seahawk F.1A as 898 Squadron arrives in Korean waters aboard HMS OCEAN, late 1952:




Having traded in their Sea Fury F.11's, deployed as part of the UN Forces driving the commies back north. Used in Fleet air defense, interdiction and close air support (with field-mod added underwing rocket rails -no bombs till the FB.3).



The beauty of Buny's Seahawks, is they're all mapped identically :biggrin: Partial repaint (including redrawing the necessary panel lines) to add the Korean Theatre 'invasion stripes', that just by chance happen to exactly coincide with the stripes used during MUSKETEER 4+ years later :wink:


Hey, at least this give the Brit's a jet to use from their carriers! Even if they get outclassed by the MiG-15s!!



kevin sten

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