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Just got FE

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I finally succombed to temptation and bought FE gold, the one pack with the included add-on, all nov2008 patched. I wanted some WW1 and to support TK once again.


For the moment: just as good as other TK's games! It's a pleasure to fly in my home province (Cambrai is 20 minutes by car from my birthplace and homeland -even if I'm an unvolontary exiled in Paris), shooting down those german invaders!


Well... Here come the questions:

Is there some absolutely needed mod, à la CA_Stary trees or Sky mod or Nato Fighters?

Is there some nov2008 patch compatible infantry mod? (straffing attacking germans was soooo great in Red Baron II) I've seen two of them, but which one do you prefer? And are they nov2008 compatibles? Will they show up in campaigns?


Thanks a lot guys!

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Well , yes there are. The absolute have to dowloads are my mods!!


Ok i stop it.



I think you can try the widesky mod that enhances the sky very much, also for all your plane downloads , Peter01 flight model, new or less new, are a MUST HAVE, i really mean it.


In my view, all downloadable planes are just as wonderful if not better than professional ones, if you use them with Peter01 fms.


You can download a big part of those planes here, and the rest of them at A-team website, skunkworks.com or something.

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I installed (onto my pre-Exp Pack install, to clarify) some terrains and tons of planes like the early war stuff TK skipped over. He focused on 1917-18, but the air war started in 1915 and there was a lot happening in 1916, so you don't want to miss those!

There's no all-in-ones like NF or ODS for FE though. Closest is probably Firecage's campaigns that require a ton of planes and such to be installed manually, one at a time. Then you have peter01's new FMs. :grin:

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I came to look at the new OFF forum, being a sim I like. In the FE gallery I've seen some nice photos, especially of very good looking terrain. Then i saw mention of FM mods etc etc

So, having a copy of FE somewhere, I wondered if i should try it again, so i looked at the stickys and I am finding difficulty as to

where to start to get an up to date install.

I see mention of Nov 2008 update,( haven't got a clue what that is, or where to get it) :Pete's FMs etc, but I don't know from where to download these things.

Some of the stickys seem very old.

It would help if I could see something to tell me what to install after the original disc FE and where i obtain it from.

Such as

1. Install the disc

2. Download ???? from here and install - .then this from here and install ; then this etc.

3. To change the planes FMs download Peters FMs from here

4. to change the terrain download ?? from here.


I'm sure others as well as myself would appreciate an up to date instruction sheet along those lines, as at the moment, it is a bit confusing as to what is needed (and what has been superseded) for the best play of this sim.

I know it isn't easy to get into the latest version of a TK sim: I had Strikefighters and if you stayed with it, modwise, it was straightforward and made such a difference to the OOTB version- but coming late to it got this old head whirling a bit. -lol.


Hoping some kind soul can assist- thanks

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