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Todt Von Oben


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My last flight would have had a Kodak moment, IF I'd had the presence of mind to pause the game, and IF I'd known how to grab a screen shot.


Is there a tutorial thread that explains how to grab screen shots like I see you guys doing? If so, where? Thanks!





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Hi, Todt von oben

My advice: put "pause" to a button of your stick, or on "space", were it's easy to hit.


Then, paused, you have all the time in the world. You can switch through outer views of your plane with F4,

you can turn around your plane with the HUD button, and zoom in or out (plus and minus), until you get the best view.

Then, switch off all the text and instruments, and finally hit "F12".


The screenshots are in "my files" or how it's called, on C: my files > CFSOverFlandersFields (more or less, don't know

the English file path names); you'll find it.


Have fun (and show some here!) Olham

Edited by Olham

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I've put it onto one of the joystick buttons,it's alot easier to snap that kodak moment.......

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Todt, you really need to read the manual. :biggrin:


Heh! Yeah, I know. But I've got so little free time; and then I get hung up in playing rather than reading. :biggrin:


Default keys for screenshots is press CTRL and ;


That's the ticket. Thanks, Ski! :yes:

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