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SAAB J32B ......"B" for BETA!

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SAAB J32B ......"B" for BETA!

J32B Lansen interceptor BETA, based on A32A model by Timmy.


For classic olde style StrikeFighters Series 1.


Good A32/J32 resources here...


Canit, deep stuff on all SAABs ~> http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/aviation/

Vectorsite SAABs ~> http://www.vectorsite.net/avsaab.html




A32A 3D model by Timmy.

Skins by Timmy. Cammo 2048 and smaller cammo 512 version included. Metal silver at 512 only.

Uses Thirdwire F-4B cockpit for now.


I (Lexx) don't have time to research the attack version (A32A) loadouts, so this is somewhat simpler interceptor (J32B) beta for us to start with.


OUT file included. If time permits, Timmy may work on dedicated J32B 3D model with slight differences.


Timmy says: Model and Template are available for those wanting to work with them.


4 30mm Aden

4 Rb24 Swedish Sidewinders

Basic setup for 12 Swedish 18cm-m49 air-ground rockets but this is just an example use of Timmy's great pylons. Timmy made this as A32 so we have 12 pylons here if they are used (invisible if not).

Conformal nonjettisonable belly tank.


Swedish rockets 18cm-m49 *and* 15cm-m51 are in Olde SF Weapon Pac, along with Rb24. Thanks to who made those.


DECALS:: I placed the basic national insignia decals over Timmy's painted skin insignias. You choose which method to use. I still don't know how SF uses unit numbers, since my personal campaign can't use the Thirdwire dynamic campaign generator and I'll eventually need to program my own. So, no decal numbers nor units for now.


Beta flight model is derived from Hunter/F-86D and basically tweaked to J32B. Climbs too fast, a bit too high Mach -- 0.96 vs 0.91 level Hi. Decreasing lift/drag might help this. Beta avionics is F-4E but basic radar performance (not display) tweaked towards J32B levels. Shortest selectable track range is 1km to allow good radar gunnery approach.


Everybody is encouraged to work the flight model and avionics I ran out of time for. Air-air rocket pods don't work in the sim for AI planes, and the fix Wrench and I worked on does not fire too well under AI control. So no interceptor rocket pods here for now. Maybe we can eventually figure something out, as I'd like to have air-air rckt pods for this and PVO interceptors like MiG-15 and things like that.


I am staying with Olde SF and not upgrading yet -- if ever -- so the FM/Avionics are rough but workable and it will be some time before I get round to deeply learning FM and AVIONICS design for the practical goal of building and comparison testing all files for all SAC/NAVY/RAF/Swedish and PVO aircraft needed for my own strategic campaign between 1947-1971, and making them compatible with the game AI programming in this role.


RWR is F-4E but it won't show in F-4B cockpit.


Go Tweak!


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What a exellent 3D model. Waited a long time for this. Thanks :biggrin:

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okay it works for you guys.


Can't wait to see ya'll in the screenshot thread. I'll try to schedule a cameo appearance here by Timmy.


Good they don't have an FMshot or Avionicshot thread. Those need some work.

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Wow thanks Lexx_Luthor, good job!


This adds a nice airplane into the missing gaps section.

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Really nice to have this aircraft.


I quite fancy having a go at a dark green skin that I have seen some of them in.


Where would I get the template from, should I PM Timmy?

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