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Weapon Abbrevations

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You mean the allowable weapons classes for the aircraft weapon stations in the data.ini?


here is the list as I know, and not all of them are implemented in the sim yet:

  • BOMB ... Bomb
  • LGB ..... Laser-guided Bomb
  • EOGB .. Electro-Optically Guided Bomb
  • AWD ... Area-weapon Dispensor
  • NUC .... Nuclear Bomb
  • RCKT .. Rocket, single
  • WGR ... Wire-guided Rocket
  • CGR ... Command-guided Rocket
  • LGR .... Laser-Guided Rocket
  • EOGR .. Electro-Optically Guided Rocket
  • ARM .... Anti-radiation Missile
  • ASM .... Anti-ship missile
  • IRM ..... Heat-seeking Missile
  • SAHM .. Semi-active Homing Missile
  • AHM .... Active Homing Missile
  • RP ...... Rocket Pod
  • GP ...... GunPod
  • EP ...... ECM Pod
  • LP ...... Laser Pod
  • NP ...... Navigation Pod
  • DLP .... Data-link Pod
  • RCN ... Recon Camera Pod
  • IFP ..... Illuminiation Flare Dispensor
  • FT ....... Fuel Tank
  • 2BR .... Twin Bomb Rack
  • 2IR ..... Twin IRM Rack
  • 2AR .... Twin AHM Rack
  • TER .... Triple Ejector Rack
  • TLR .... Triple Homing Rocket Rack
  • MER ... Multiple Ejector Rack
  • BFT .... Bomb carrying Fuel Tank

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That's an Outstanding Post. For information on these Weapon Types see the Weapons Page at ACFC at www.wpnssgt.com. :D



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Nukes Comming,

Fuzing is there and Explosive Yeld is there. Proper Particle System Effects need to be made along with Models. Comming soon....... :D





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