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P-82B Twin Mustang, PTO

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P-82B Twin Mustang, PTO

P-82B 'Twin Mustang'


What If... mod for WW2 PTO SF/SFG/WoV/WoE -06 Patch Levels ONLY!!!


This is a modification of Pasko's F-82G into something for the "What If..." worlds of World War II: 1946, in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. This mod will recreate the P-82B "Twin Mustang" Long Range Day Fighter version, had it gone into full procduction for use against the Japanese Home Islands.


This is a COMPLETE addon aircraft, with all necessary parts included. A new skin, based off the original templates, represents aircraft from the 46th Fighter Squadron, 21st Fighter Group, based at Ie Shima, Okinawa in 1945 till wars end. Colors and markings are historically correct for the 46ths P-51D/H Mustangs, just adapted for TwinMust useage, and the serial numbers are also correct for P-82B as they were assigned to the 380 aircraft that were cancelled at the (historic) war's end. Twenty actually entered service, but that's a tale for another day.


As can be expected, some small changes have been made; mostly to create a 'day-only' version. The avionics.ini has been edited to remove the search/track radar, while leaving the audio-only RWR intact. All lighting has been updated, with the addition of a landing light (albeit on the wrong strut...), and the 3 underwing formation/identification lights seen on all Mustang variants. The FM remains essentially intact as issued, although some tweeking is requied, as the aircraft seems about 50-75 knots slower than it's Real Life ™ counterpart. Other than that, it handles quite well!!


= IMPORTANT: This aircraft has been tested ONLY in 2006 Patch Levels SF/WoV/WoE. Be advised of the existence of some handling issues prevelant in WW2 era and many Pre-Patch (ie: 06 level and eariler) aircraft being used in the post 08 patch enviroments. It is NOT reccomended for use in WoI or SF/SFG/WoV/WoE in these post 08 patch game installs. It is also NOT reccomended for use in the SF2 NextGen series. If you insist on doing so, you do so at your own risk. No support is available from me for any issues you may experience. You have been warned/advised...


=IMPORTANT x2: You WILL need the WW2 Weapons Pak (or equlivant BunyPak of 06) to get the WW2 weapons, bombs and such. The P/F-82 rocket racks and drop tanks already exist in that pack, but have been included here as a "just in case" for those needing them for some other pack.


The WW2 Weapons Pak is available at CombatAce at the following URL:




As always, unzip this to a temp folder somwhere, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions.


Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein


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thanks guys! The skin is really just the basic NM, although I added the color tabs. It soooo nice haveing the template!


I can do up a P-82C NightFighter variant, if there's a need. (meaning: there's a skin set that I started 2+ years ago and never finished!) Just need some new decals, and that go out too.



kevin stein

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