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Dude! This bird is seriously wicked! It's totally the 21st century stealth version of the Tomcat! Simply beautiful plane, and the cockpit is awesome, too.


Only one problem... none of the weapons are available in-game. I placed all files as per usual SF2 guidelines, and the weapon folders are indeed present in the objects/Weapons folder, but no joy at the weapons selection screen. is there an .ini edit necessary? There was no readme file with this download...


Also, is it actually stealthy in-game? One would assume from its shape that it would be, but curious if bad guys will have a hard time locking me up, since the only few missions I flew didn't have any air opposition present.


Thanks again! I think this is my few favorite modern/alternate/fictional aircraft, even without any weapons! :)




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Try these and see if it doesn't work. Be advised the 27km "mavericks" can also be used by US aircraft (flight testing, just being lazy right now) but they appear fine in my install.


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Hmm... well, thanks Eric, I now have the 27k Mavericks and the 5000k Nuke available, but no cluster AGM's or AAM's. I did look at each .ini for each weapon and noticed that all of them (except the Maverick) were listed as 'Israel' for the nationality. I changed them all to 'USAF', but still no go in game. Also, I noticed that upon opening your .rar file that all of the weapons (again, except for the Maverick) show as being '0 kb' for the compressed size. However, once I copied all the weapons to their appropriate place, each folder seemed to have all the necessary files present (.LOD, .ini, .bmp files, etc...). Something wierd is going on or I'm missing something really basic...



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I have a big ditto to the ramp striker.


Except no Nukes, just the Mav-a-likes. Except, and this is where it gets weird, when I take

this slippery beast to the range!.


ALl present and accounted for there.


Toss it into Europe on a single, mavs only. Same year as what works at the range, just no air

targets capability.


Exceedingly odd.


That, and my attempts to `Americanize' the critter. Can't get USAF roundels to show on the

wings, upper or lower.


The man made a wunnerful model, but he used some interesting `tricksies' me precious...



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