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Out of Africa '77 & Red Africa '77 v1.1

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Out of Africa '77 & Red Africa '77 v1.1

// Out of Africa '77


// Red Africa '77


// Campaign Mods by Baltika


// For SFP1/WoV/WoE Oct 08 patch


// Version 1.1


// -----------------------------------------------


// Entirely based on an original idea by USAFMTL


// Thanks Dave!


// Thanks to Deuces for Madagascar Terrain


// And Thanks to Stary for Madagascar Tree Mod


// -----------------------------------------------



Out of Africa '77


The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is assigned to protect the lawfully elected government of Madagascar from a Soviet-backed Communist insurgency. The self-styled "Malagasy People's Liberation Army" is carrying out a campaign of terror against the populace and openly confronting government forces. The MPLA is a known terrorist organisation which is secretly supplied with arms, equipment and training by the USSR.


Meanwhile, North Korea is massing troops on the DMZ. The bulk of USMC forces are urgently required to stabilise the situation in Korea, and the main elements of the CVBG are ordered to make all speed to South Korea.


The US Government knows that it is essential to maintain a military presence in Madagascar or the MPLA will seize control. Honoring its commitment to defend Madagascar, VMA-542 'Tigers' and VA-153 'Blue Tail Flies' are ordered to provide Combat Air Support to the remaining ground troops of 1 MEF. 1 MEF is ordered to hold the line against the Communist advance.


The supply situation is critical. There is no ETA for relief of the USMC forces on station. Make every shot count.


// -------------------------------------------------


Red Africa '77


The Malagasy People's Liberation Army is heavily engaged in a patriotic war to free the people from the autocratic rule of the current President. The worker's army is opposed not only by the corrupt government troops, but by Imperialist American forces who oppose the liberation of the Malagasy People.


The MPLA have two Tank Brigades and a squadron of aging MiG-17 fighters. They are supported by neighbouring Mozambique, whose government is sympathetic to the MPLA cause.


Soviet foreign policy dictates that the revolutionaries be given military aid to preserve Soviet interests in the region.


The Imperialists must be crushed!


// --------------------------------------------------



I recently re-discovered the utter gorgeousness of this terrain by Deuces and USAFMTL (Dave), with Treemod by Stary, and wanted to do something to say thanks to the guys who made it possible.


So, I have completely re-vamped the original "Out of Africa" Campaign included with the terrain d/l to include a fully-fledged "USMC vs Communist Insurgents backed up by the Soviets" backs-to-the-wall defence of democracy on Madagascar.


The main reason for the upgrade was to bring the Madagascar terrain.ini files up to speed to support all the various mission types, and to create a full ground war for the 1977 campaign.


I have tried to stay as true as possible to the original intentions, I hope this will meet with the author's approval. This is one tough campaign to beat.


Full credit to Dave (USAFMTL) for the original campaign concept and core files on which this mod is completely based.






// -------------------------------------------------





Madagascar Terrain by Deuces and USAFMTL (Dave)



Madagascar TreeMod by Stary (formerly known as CA_Stary)



AV-8C by Team Harrier - S! to all concerned



A-7B Corsair II by TMF and Bpao



Mystere IVA by ajunaidr



Su-17 by Armourdave



Stock Tanks Required:-

T-54, T-55, T-62A, M60A1, M48A2





MiG-21SM by Erwin_Hans






Wrench's rebuild of Ordway's early MiG pits

Required for MiG-17F



MiG-21PFM Cockpit by Paladrian



MiG-21MF Cockpit by Paladrian







1. Install Madagascar Terrain, and the MiG-17 "mad" skin from the terrain d/l package. Please note, it is not necessary nowadays to copy and re-name the terrain catfile, just set the catpointer in the terrain.INI file to the correct catfile.


2. Install Madagascar Treemod


3. Fly around a bit if you like, and wonder at the beauty of it all. Cheers to Deuces and Przemek, thanks guys ;-)


4. Install the listed aircraft. You will need to check the Mystere's weapons are in your wep pack. Likewise with the MiG-21SM's missiles.


5. If you wish to fly Red Africa campaign, you will need to make the stock TW MiGs flyable by adding cockpits. But, you've already done that, right? ;-)


6. Depending on which game(s) you have, you may have to copy out some of the tanks. The required tanks are all in WoE, but do not all come stock in SFP1/SFG/WOV


7. Then, and only then, install the various files included in this d/l pack. Overwrite when prompted. I have packaged it up so it should be obvious where it all has to go. You must use the included terrain .ini files or the campaign ground war won't work.


8. Select "770114 Out of Africa '77" from the Campaign selection screen, and go fight the Commies.


9. Alternatively, select "770114 Red Africa '77" from the Campaign selection screen, and go fight the capitalist Imperialists.


10. Drop me a PM if you find any bugs or glitches, or to say hello, or to say thanks for the Red Flyable campaign, if you were one of the 2 people who asked for one ;-)


11. The included files are completely compatible with Canadair's Out of Africa 3 v1.5 campaign, so don't worry if you already have that installed.


12. And if I may make a personal request of Deuces, or Dave, or even Stary. If any of you guys still have the original TextureList which was used to build the released version of the Madagascar terrain, could you shoot it over to me please? The VN Texturelist included with the terrain d/l is missing many of the required tiles, and I can't create a texturelist from scratch without messing up all the detailed tiling that has already been done. I would really like to add a few airbases, cities, settlements and so forth, and populate the islands, etc, etc, with a view to building a modern-day campaign for this terrain, and expanding the targetlist; but it can't be done without the original texturelist. Thanks again for all the hard work which has obviously gone into this terrain.


13. For those with WOE, I have included an alternative campaign DATA.INI file which will use the stock AV-8A as a flyable in place of the AV-8C. Just re-name this file to replace OUTOFAFRICA77_DATA.INI file if you wish to use it. I have noticed, while test-flying Red Africa campaign, that the 08 patch level AI has some trouble flying the AV-8C. It may be that the FM for that bird needs an upgrade to the latest game build level. That is beyond the scope of this mod.



Happy Hunting!


Cheers to one and all!




21 December 2009



// -----------------------------------------------------






-Added Red Africa '77 Soviet Campaign

-Fixed "M11" bug in campaign DATA.INI

-Revised Soviet Air Unit Experience Levels

-Revised Air Unit 10 Aircraft/Mission profile

-Added MiG-21SM by Erwin_Hans to Soviet OOB

-Revised Various Air Unit Mission Chance Percentages

-Fixed JG-7 Campaign supply entries

-Changed Soviet BaseNode assignation for groundwar


// ------------------------------------------------------


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Super Idea!!! The tree-mod REALLY dresses up the place.

I was actually looking at it, for a possible WW2 scenario; I'll be your map dosen't have this 'target area'!!!! :rofl:

Everyone knows my love of Easter Eggs...

If you want to add this small upgrade, I'll be glad to pass on the bits and target location. (although I didn't do the "no fishing for ceolocanth" sign I found on google earth...)



kevin stein

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If this one is anywhere near as cool as the YK-2010, it should be a good `un!


I am still flying that one, but now have the instructions and files for this, so will fire it up, time willing, when I

finish your previous fine endeavour.


Many thanks, Baltika!


A modern redition would be highly appreciated as well, red side not required here either... :grin:

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Baltika thanks for making it compatible with out of africa 1.5. I for one will enjoy such compatibility, since I love your campagins and I am your fun in that regard.

Actually out of afria would benefit of an upgrade, considering also the new russian boats and airplanes. It was meant as Red hardware Vs redhrdware campaign in anti ship environemtn and had a very tricky install, but I still find it extreme fun. thereotically could be a sequel to your campaig of the '77s.. in which with US busy fighitng war on terror MADAGASCAR summoned help from rogue emrcenary ex russian fleet.

Thanks again for considering comaptibilty with my campagaing in your design, I am almost flattered.. maeks me think you might have downlaoded and played it..


OH and yes to RED version please,,!, jsut a curiosity why you picked the mystere thoguh?

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Thanks for the interest, everyone, as you know I welcome all feedback and suggestions.


@Wrench: Yup, I love it, PM me the details & I'll add it in :good:


@Spectre, glad you're enjoying YK2010, I had fun putting that one together. I think it was the interest of a shiny new (to me) version of TK's game in WoI, and a theatre I didn't know much about. I'm enjoying reading up on the whole Middle East shebang, and shaking my head about how the West don't seem to be learning the lessons of history. Anyhoo. . .


For modern Madagascar campaign, I am thinkng that the Soviets won in '77, and introduced a Communist dictator-style government. A catalogue of human rights abuses followed, and now the time is ripe for regime change to something more pro-Western. So, USA, UK and the rest go in all guns blazing, carrier groups, ground forces, the whole caboodle. The Russians don't want a change, so reinforce Madagascar with some serious Soviet hardware. Just an idea, but you get the drift.


@Canadair, I confess I have not played your Out of Africa Campaign, but I love the concept, particulary the Red-Side merc deal. I checked out your campaign when putting this together, so thanks for the work you put into it :salute:


I suspect I will get it installed and try it out now I have Madagascar set up the way I want it. So much more can be done with this terrain in terms of populating the various small islands, adding more carrier stations, and airfields etc etc that I wanted a\ common baseline to progress from.


As for why the Mystere IVA, well, Madagascar was a French Colony from the 19th Century, then a Protectorate in the 50s, finally getting independence in the 60s. I reckoned the outgoing French government would have left the new state some of their old hardware (at a good price, natch) so the MAF get old French jets. If you have a better suggestion, I'm all for it.


Red side campaign, gotcha. Not much work required to do the conversion, I would have done it for v1.0 if I'd had more time.


Happy Hunting :good:

Edited by Baltika

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I am very willing to redo my Out of Africa RED VS RED. Udaloys are screming to be used. as I wrote in readme, be advised that n order to have the campaing generate anti ship missions, (and NOT CTD) you need the ships you want to show as targets labeled as Nation=generic and type should be Cargo_ship .Otherwise when the system generates the mission it will CTD because it can't find any target ship. I don't know if that changed with Oct 08 patch but I don't think so. Alos I want to change Red merc carrier group, I used Yak141, but perhaps Su-39 in blue skin is more appropriate?

Do you think we can do somethign togheter and coordinate efforts? PM me if interested,,?

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Some bug-squashing required for v1.1, which will include Red-flyable campaign by special request (by 2 people :good: ).


Meantime, here's the manual update version:-


In AE_TARGETS.INI, TargetArea002 should read:-



Name=M11 AB


Otherwise, one of the MAF squadrons won't show up.



Air Unit 10 has all mission chance set to 0. Replace entries with this:-
















All Soviet/East German Air Units have too low experience setting. Change those Units to at least Experience=80 (and preferably 100 for IAP units).


Malagasy People's Liberation Army ground units should be called Brigade, not Battalion.


It has also been suggested to me (by Erwin_Hans, who knows a thing or two about it :grin: ) that the MiG-21MF models featured should be higher spec late-70s versions. I will be revising Soviet OOB for Red-Flyable mod, so if anyone has any info/suggestions about likely unit designations/hardware, please post it up here and I will incorporate it into the upgrade.


Anyone spot any other bugs, fire away here & I'll try to fix it.


Sorry for the mistakes, this was a "quick 'n' dirty - but fun!" mod to save my sanity from terrain target placement for a while :blink:


Cheers all,



Edited by Baltika

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To celebrate 100 downloads of this little campaign, I have uploaded new version 1.1 with various bugfixes, and, by special request of two people, included Red-flyable Red Africa '77 Campaign.


Enjoy :grin:


Happy holidays everyone,





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