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Hats Off To Delta Airlines

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Our Command Chief just sent this out. Thought I would share it.





Thought you might find this interesting. I didn't know about it until the


other day.



I was commuting home from JFK on Delta Airlines on Friday and was on a


layover between flights in Atlanta . I was looking out the window of the


terminal at the dreary day and the ramp area when I noticed this honor guard


practicing for the arrival of a flight. This service is a brainchild of


Delta employees who put it together and volunteer to do it on their own


time. They meet incoming flights that are carrying servicemen home for


burial and provide honor guard services during the unloading of the body.



This is not a loose operation. These people are all very serious about what


they do. As I watched them practice, their leader drilled them and


corrected any minor deviation in position or the angle that they held the


colors. Special safety vests were worn by the honor guard, as well as the


other half-dozen or so ramp personnel who served the planes arrival. They


had some sort of design on the back, similar to a defense department logo,


but I couldn't see it well enough to be sure.



After about half an hour, the plane blocked in at the gate. The military


escort and family members were deplaned onto the ramp and met by a Delta


ground service manager. There was a younger lady (about 30 or so) and an


older lady. I assumed them to be the wife and mother, but don't know.


The escort, in dress uniform, carried the folded American flag. The baggage


cart with the American flag design was custom-manufactured by the Delta


machine shop in Atlanta , again on the employees own time.



The last picture and its closeup show the casket being unloaded to the


waiting cart and the honor ceremony. Naturally, I couldn't hear what was


being said, if anything. Notice the captain and first officer standing at


attention to the right of the picture. Once the casket was loaded, the


family members were taken to the terminal in a ramp vehicle. The military


escort rode in the cab of the tug pulling the casket cart.



I found the whole thing very moving. Well done to the Delta employees













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I'm getting goose bumps from reading the letter..

good job by the company's employees Salute.gif



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hats off, indeed,



People that fly now have no clue that the MANY if not all US Airlines were derived from the Military, or personnel from the military, hence why the airlines use to have pride and respect and were run with precision.


Unfortunately, we've gotten away from that... it's good to see this.





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Good to read that some people get the message and care. Every once in a while we have a fallen service member come through our FBO. The flag goes to half-mast and we make as much room as possible in one of the hangars for the transfer to take place.

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