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Anyone Here Has Patch (V1.26/1.27) March 7, 2009?

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I've rolled back and I'm playing the Original Version of OFF3. For some reason on my machine and joystick combo I find playing OFF with the final SuperPatch too difficult controlling my planes's flight characteristics.


Polovski suggested I post this query here. I'd like to obtain the first patch that included the "Gun Jam Option." According to the OFF Site Patch Data, that would be the March 7, 2009 (v1.26/1.27) Patch.


If anyone here still has that particular patch that they can post here for download I would be eternally grateful. As indicated I'm an Easy Flight Model guy and not a Hard-Core OFF player. The "Gun Jam Option" is the only thing I'd really like to have if I choose not to go back to the final Superpatch Version. Also, I'm not an MP player either. Just a retired 62-year-old Grandpa that loves WWI Air Combat. Thanks All.

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Trek- I have a file from OFF Phase ll called "OFF_Gunjam.zip" which apparently allows for option to have gun jams or not.


Don't know who did it originally or if this is what you are looking for?


Following is the "readme and Help" files that come with the Zip.


If it's what you want PM me with your email and I'll send it along.


I'm not sure I quite understand the readme..but here it is.







>> Over Flanders Fields




Make a backup copy your current shell.exe in your "CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields" folder


(default location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields )



Then, Unzip all files in this zip to your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields directory.


(do not let the unzip program create any sub folders, i.e. make sure all files go into CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields directly)


If you are a legal owner of CFS3, then you can use a no-cd.exe to avoid using the CD,

- and then you can run the JAMEDIT tool which can patch the Shell.exe used in OFF -

this means you will not need to run the gunjam program each time.


* * Please only use if you are the legal owner of MS Combat Flight Sim 3 * *



Please also read thoroughly the "jam help.txt" file in the zip too.





Now gun jams are active in game! >>

EDIT : Please read the "Read Me.txt" first !!!!! then this document.




O.F.F jam.dll notes Andrew Robinson, Aug 2006.


This mod has been specifically designed for the OFF add-on using the CFS3 game engine. The user jam sound code has been optimised for aircraft with a maximum of two guns. This seems to be the case with all the OFF aircraft so far. Also, up to 13 AI aircraft (2 guns each) can be monitored for jams.


How it works


Once patched the game calls the dll procedures when the weapon trigger pressed. We can control the game allowing it to continue firing, or actively jamming that weapon register (with a little help from modified game code). There is a timer inside the dll that monitors and emulates a jam though over-use, and also emulates random failures while you are firing normally. Weapons stay jammed for a random time specified within a min and max range.




I've added a separate utility to make changing the timings easier and avoid re-compiling the source. The JamEdit utility allows you to easily adjust these settings, just make sure it's executed inside the game folder. This is mostly a dev tool to get the timings right. Settings are saved to the JAM.DAT file which is checked once by the dll on startup. I've also included the ability to patch the game exe (non protected one English v3.1) or test the memory patch.




In order to be least annoying, the jam sound should only play if all the users guns are jammed. The code predicts that if you have fired with only one gun ID, then chances are that's all the guns you have, and so plays the jam sound. If you appear to have two guns, then the jam sound is only played if both are jammed. The exception to this is the SE5a (which has two weapon types), if you are firing with separate triggers the sound logic will fail as soon as you fire with the second gun trigger. (i.e. you'll then only hear the jam sound if both jam). Regardless of whether you hear the sound or not, the jam logic holds true for any gun ID up to the pre-specified maximum. The sound logic does not apply to the AI, as this is only for debugging purposes, and is played for each individual AI gun jam and attempted fire once jammed. You wouldn't include the "jamai.wav" sound in normal distribution.


On startup, the mod scans for "jam.wav" and "jamai.wav" in the game folder. Once jammed, the sound will repeat after SNDTIME milliSecs on each trigger press. Sound is played asynchronously, so shouldn't slow anything down as long as the SNDTIME value is high enough. If two jams occur simultaneously, you'll only hear the first one if the next comes along before SNDTIME has expired. This prevents recursion that occurs if the user fires with the keyboard.


Memory Patching


This should be done as soon as the game is started. i.e. main screen showing - but before the user clicks on either the QUICK COMBAT or MISSION game tabs. You can see some sample code for patching the loaded game inside "mempatch.bas". A permanent patch is the ideal, but this should add some flexability for protected executables.


Separate Jams


Separate weapon jams for aircraft with two guns needs further debugging by the aircraft designers. The SE5a, Spad13, Alb DIII, Alb_DVa all work with individual jams, however the Sopwith Camel, Alb_DII and Fokker DR1 don't. This is specifically related to the code inside the aircraft model file. Also, you need to be aware that each gun has a separate ammo cache. If you exhaust the ammo from one gun and the other is jammed, you won't hear the jam sound, as technically there is still one working gun (just no ammo).


Adjustable Settings - minimum values in ()


FIRETIME Max time Fire is held before causing possible jam - mSecs (500+)

JAMCHANCE Odds of a jam = JAMCHANCE/4 per Sec fire. Checked after FIRETIME expires. (1+)

FAILCHANCE Odds of a failure = FAILCHANCE/4 per Sec fire. Checked during norm firing. (20+)

MINTIME Min Time gun will stay jammed - Secs (1+)

MAXTIME Max Time jammed - Secs (>= MINTIME)

SNDTIME Jam sound repeat delay - mSecs (250+)

AI JAM Allow AI weapon jams - ON or OFF


settings are stored in JAM.DAT as 7 DWORD values (overkill but convenient)


Files in this package


jam.dll compiled library (place in game folder)

jam.wav sample gun jam sound (place in game folder)

jamai.wav sample AI jam sound (place in game folder while testing)

JamEdit.exe tool to fine tune jam timings (place in game folder while testing)


Known Problems


Testing with Windows 98 revealed that the jam sound wouldn't play while the game was running, this is related to sharing an active DirectX sound device. >>





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Trek, I can offer to send you Patch 1.25 from March. After that, I have only 1.28a,

but that would be far to big to send even compressed and per E-mail.


Please send me your E-mail address via PM, and I'll send you the first.

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Just also found the Patch 1.26, and 1.26 Hotfix.

But 1.26 is also 45 MB - that is impossible to send per E-mail, or not?


If you have patience, you could send me your post address.

I would send you a stick with the data, if there is no other way.

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Cptroyce, Thanks for the offer for the gunjam zip, but I have a feeling it won't work in OFF3, or it might screw up the program. Anyone here know this for sure?


Olham, Thanks for you generous offer as well. I'd hate for you to go to that much trouble. Is there anyway the patch could be uploaded here? Or would that be a violation of regulations on this site? If so, I certainly understand.


Uncleal, glad to hear from you again (you know my ear is STILL very sore). It was a fair fight and we both got in our punches, so lets' call it a draw. No, I don't need a new joystick (I've got a fairly new Logitech 3D Extreme Pro.) No rudder pedals though, just the twist rudder action on the stick. And, yes, I fly OFF3 on the Easy setting. I own 11 other FlightSims including those "other two" WWI FSims and fly them on Normal. I got back into PC Gaming about two years ago after retiring from Systems & Engineering at a big-city newspaper. I previously had been into Gaming and stopped around 1995. Working with PCs' and LAN systems at work and then sitting in front of one at home just became too much. So, now that I'm retired I have the time and inclination to Game again. I think I enjoy working on and solving problems associated with the games however, as much as I enjoy playing them. I enjoy modding especially.


Getting back to OFF3. Like I said before, for some reason in OFF3 with the final SuperPatch, the Flight Control on my plane has become overly frustrating. So much so, that I decided to roll back to the original. I didn't initially want to say so because I didn't want to get flamed here or pounced on for my decision. Using the original has restored my aircraft to controllable again.


Reading the FAQ on the OFF site's patch histories has made me question whether the FM had already been changed by the Ver1.26 Patch. I assume it changed the Easy FM as well?

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Yeah, Uncleal, Good advice. I'm one step ahead of ya. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled OFF3. For me, as a matter of course I always do a complete search for any leftover files of any program I uninstall. I also recommend cleaning registry files often as well. The free app "CCleaner" is a favorite tool I use. Battle of Britain II comes to mind as a program I had to perform the procedure on to get the reinstall working properly. That one leaves lots of files on your HD when you uninstall it. To keep ROF running properly I would recommend doing a DeFrag and cleaner on that CPU hog every time you get an update as well. I run ROF on my Vista 32-bit in XP Comp Mode for best results.

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trek, the patch is too big to upload it here (42 MB or so) - don't think that would be accepted.


It is not too much hassle for me to send you the patches.

I came to OFF Phase II, because Typhoon from Canada was so good to send me the discs.

I'm still so grateful, that he helped me to get into OFF.


So I can send you a disc, if you just send me a PM with a post address. No problem at all.

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OK, I've got the patch. Installed and OFF3 is working great. My thanks to everyone here for their generous offers of help and to others for their advice: Uncleal, cptroyce, Polovski and especially Olham in Berlin. Absolutely great people on this Forum! This example just reinforces why I got back into PC Gaming. To me the best part of this hobby is the interaction with you fellow gamers. Thanks again, all! Back to flying as Joseph Jacobs of Jasta 7 in my Black Fokker DR1!



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Good to hear, trek! Remain above and aloft!


I just wonder: are you already in the OFF Forum Pilots maps (sorry, can't memorise all names)?

If not, perhaps you send me a PM with your town and country; I'll put you in there.


Edited by Olham

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Olham, Since you're in Berlin, I was wondering if you ever travel over to the Eifel area? In 1985 I was there with my late father. He was fighting in the Battle for the Hurtgen Forest in WWII. We stayed in Monschau and Duren. We actually saw some bunkers and pillboxes his unit attacked along the Westwall. We visited Merode Castle where his unit stayed a couple nights. Very interesting area. Reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in the states.

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Thanks for the tip, trek. The Eiffel is a part of Germany I'd yet have to explore.

But will do one day!

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Just a reminder that we don't allow hosting of OFF files anywhere else apart from our website, and authorised mirror sites such as here at CA.

If you want an old free patch that is no longer available then it's fine for a moment to upload it and allow a person to download it, but please remove it immediately afterwards.

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