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Roland Rad for SF2E

SAM System "Roland Rad"



This model shows the air defence system "Roland Rad" as used by the german air force till 2005.

It is in fact the same weapon system as the "Marder Roland" allready availlable, but the Luftwaffe version is mounted on a 8x8 truck.




- Drop the folder "RolandRad" into your "Groundobject" folder

- Drop the folder "Roland2" into your "Weapons" folder, you might allready have this missile from the "Marder Roland" Mod or a weapons pack!

- I use this in SF2 Europe, but it should work with all other Generation 2 Games also!




Thanks to Gabilon and Mig Master for creating/upgrading the "Marder Roland" Mod, from wich i used the missile and some DATA!


This mod is freeware! Use at own risk!


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This ought to stiffen the ol' airbase defenses on my current NF4+ campaign in SF2E very nicely.


Many thanks, AmokFloo, looks like a good `un!



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Excellent details in the cabin And wheels.

















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