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recce Phantoms carried ecm on underwing points due to not having missle bays. to my knowledge the inner wing stations could carry ecm though they didnt often do so. also if a jammer was carried under wing as opposed to in sparrow bays only only one was carried though you would hafta edit the data ini to allow asymetrical loadouts. it shouldnt be hard, you just hafta edit the numbers and groups. or you could delete ECM from one side or the other and it would show in the loadout as one loaded

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I have some photos of USAF F-4s in Vietnam, one with 2 ALQ-87s in the wing pylons as above, and one F-4 with an ALQ-87 one side, and an ALQ-101 on the other.


There are photos with them just carrying one ECM pod (ALQ-87/81) on the right wing pylon - however in the 1972-73 book I have, most photos have F-4s carrying 1 ECM pod in the front left Sparrow bay.


For A-A the Sparrow bay is where you want it despite having to lose an AIM-7, its far less draggy.

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Look in the SF/Wo* Knowlege Base .... there's a WHOLE section on editing weapons loadouts that some kindhearted soul started (albeit for the ancient BunyPak), but the modifications to the data and loadout inis are usefull right across the board for 1st and 2nd Gen series. Just double check the names of the missiles/pods to be installated.


In particular, I draw you attention to page 5, wherein the F-4C/D/E loadouts are desribed, with the necessary tweeks to place the jammer pod in it's correct location in the left front Sparrow bay.

The link below should, hopefully, go to that page:


Linky --> http://forum.combatace.com/topic/18346-how-to-edit-loadouts-for-weapons-packs-bunyappak/page__st__80


Mind you, for SF2 (or any version of the games actually), you'll STILL need to extract the data and loadout inis for the required aircraft. Unfortualy, I can't remember which ObjectData cat they're in....



kevin stein

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