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I've looked for this in the KB but can't find anything.


I'm running on XP and I've got a merged install in C:\Program Files\Thirdwire and my mods folder is in C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire. So far so good.


However, I want to move or reinstall my merged install into a portable hard drive, so the path will be J:\Program Files\Thirdwire


Now, how do I move my mods folder to the J drive? Do I create J:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire, or if I just create shortcuts for SF2, SF2:V etc from the J drive on the desktop and then run the game will it create a mods folder in the J drive and I can then move my existing mods folder over from C to J?



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There's no options.ini in the main install C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Strike Fighters 2 but there are options.ini files in the mod folders created after running the game in:


C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2

C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Europe

C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam

C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\My Documents\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Israel


If I re-install the base game to the J drive do I need to leave those folders, move the contents except the options.ini files to the J drive and then edit the options.ini files to point to new mods folders in the J drive, or is there a way of taking everything off the C drive?

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Well I think if you try copying the entire mod folder to the place you want and change the paths in the options ini's there. it should be safe to delete all the stuff on the C drive

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nope, you also need to edit each game main ini file (located along the main exe, in the installation folder)

there is an [options] section with a single line describing the path to the options.ini file....


then it's OK

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As an example:





This will now look for the Options.ini in the C:\TWSimsGen2\TestMod directory.


It will also look for your mod (in my case TestMod) in that directory.



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