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Couple of questions

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I've been enjoying the videos people have made of flights and fights in OFF. I've noticed a couple of differences between what I see in the videos and what happens when I'm in the air over the front.

First, the videos show tracers and strike flashes on the target aircraft. I don't see tracers, or strikes, when I'm on target- a puff of smoke when I hit.

Secondly, when I fire, the aircraft snap-kicks to the left after a couple of rounds.

Now, I thought the kicks were meant to simulate the control shortcomings of those aircraft, but I don't see anything like that in the videos,

I'm wondering if there is a mod, or file I've missed hat needs to be activated to show tracers and strikes. And, I'm wondering about the cause of the left snap-kick.

Anybody able to help?

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Welcome to the forum.


Hellshade - the video guy is using Creaghorn's Homebrew mod - go here:




...and yes, that snap to the left sounds like a controller conflict. If you have rudder pedals and a twisty stick, be sure to delete the stick rudder entry via the CFS3 Controller interface.

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Winston DoRight and Barkhorn1x,

You were right! Between my son and me, we solved the problem before I saw your last e-mail. It did have to do with the conflict between the pedals and the twist pedal function in the joystick. What I did, for any who might have the problem in the future, was to go into the control panel, bring up my custom controls panel and remove the "rudder axis" command from the flight control section. Worked like a charm and flies like a dream! I've been flying OFF for over a year with that pedal problem and never realized what was going on. I figured it might have to do with reproducing the flying characteristics of that era's aircraft.

Let me add that the solution was in the FAC and this forum. I've become a believer; "If there's a problem, it's been written about."

Thanks for your help.

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