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zzzspace's v5.1 Complete Sound Replacement

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Thought I might share around with the community what I’m presently using within Lock On 1.02 for sound these days. This new pack uses many different sounds to version 5.0. Many main engine and flight sounds were extracted from new high-quality audio recordings of jets in flight, or rolling on runway or taxiways. Most of the sounds in this pack have been thoroughly edited or retouched to some extent, to enhance the sonic 'realism', detail and clarity of the pack; both in and out of the cockpit.


VERSION 5.1 for LOCK ON 1.02:

[Edit by GhostDog : Link removed - file updated in the Biohaz downloads]


DESCRIPTION: zzzspace's version 5.1 sound pack is 100% compatible with Lock On 1.02 and is a complete replacement of all the sound effects within Lock On—install using the LOMAN utility.


Other mirror sites are welcome to host this V5.01 sound effects pack as well--enjoy.








These sounds are NOT designed to work properly with any earlier version of Lock On than version 1.02. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that these Lock On sound slider settings be used, in order to hear these sounds as they were designed and intended:


MASTER VOLUME = 100% (or to whatever setting works best to balance in with any voice comms program you may use)


MUSIC = 20%

RADIO = 35%

ENGINES = 100%


EFFECTS = 100%

WIND = 100%




cheers peeps!

Edited by GhostDog

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Thanks guys, and cheers GhostDog, BioHaz provide a great service to the community and it is much appreciated, if not always recognised. Keep up the good work.

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