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The Blitz - 70 Years Ago

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Its called a stiff upper lip and a good cup of tea...


And no shouting at me I mean no disrespect... They have my greatest respect... for they took it when they couldn't shoot back...

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British composure and Russian fatalism have dug the grave for Hitler's frenzy. I remember this tale of an English (Londoner?) shopkeeper who placed this sign on his store during the Blitz: "Open as usual". When a bomb finally blasted his shop, the sign became: "More open than usual". The Londoners were lucky to have a deep Underground network, alas that wasn't the case for all other attacked cities in Britain.


In 1944, the Blitz got its second wind with Hitler's Vergeltungswaffen. I'd like to pay tribute to a compatriot from my city of Le Havre, Jean Maridor, a Free French pilot (Sqn 91) who shot down 11 V-1s. On August 3, 1944, he was killed in this 11th attack, disintegrated while firing at the flying bomb at point blank, just before it could crash on Benenden School (Kent). :salute:

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