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I know one really cool old school beat cop who really cares about the community, and I respect him tremendously, he spends most of his time fighting the system trying to do the right thing for the folks in his patrol area. unfortunately he is the last of a dying breed and our town is overrun with tweekers,junkies, criminal aliens, scumbags and street urchins. The Town's politics mirror Berkley California The police simply write off property crime because they "don't have the budget to investigate it" and the city government is generally corrupt. They like to make examples of do-gooders who walk around town pumping change into parking meters to prevent others from getting ticketed... they arrest them and throw the book at them. In my town the police spend most of their time trying to extract fines from our citizens"in the name of public safety" rather than fighting crime and going after serious bad guys. I have first hand knowledge of break ins in progress... and cops are only 2 blocks away using a radar gun to generate revenue, the cops are called and they inform the caller that no units are available and it will be some time before they will respond. The caller informs the dispatch that there are cops 2 blocks away running a speed trap. dispatch responds "yes we are aware of that but they are not available" the crooks take there time robbing the warehouse, the cops never show. the warehouse owner follows them and keeps calling the police who are beginning to grow agitated with him. its been over an hour and as he watches these guys unload his merchandise into their garage he calls the cops again and informs them that he's had enough and he is going to confront them directly, and they had better send help now because it is going to get ugly. By the time the cops get there one of the guys has run away and the other one is on the ground S**ting his pants with fear. The cops take issue with the fact that my friend through his tenacity has forced them to act, and try to intimidate him, all in all he came out of it okay but it was a big eye opener in my neighborhood.


I really wish we had more old school cops, the problem is that many good cops are serving a corrupt city government such as mine.... and thus if they want to work, they do what they are told.


How about a corrupt city government game where you get to screw the people who you tricked into voting for you.... that wold be original.

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I enjoyed playing SWAT 4 quite a bit. It's a totally different mindset to try and arrest them instead of just shoot them dead. Of course, the game was overly restrictive on ROE, and pretty much the guy had to shoot at you first before you were allowed to shoot him or it was "unjustified."

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