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Anniversary of '83 nuclear war aversion

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Reminds me on "Able Archer 1983".

The NATO played their usual autumn exercise and the USSR believed it would be the beginning of WW3. The soviet troops went in high alert, the nukes were made war ready. The bombers at the soviet airfields in the GDR (east Germany) stood in their shelters, armed with nuclear weapons and running engines. And all were waiting on the first wrong move of the NATO, which had absolutly no idea that the russian bear felt threaten and was awaiting the beginning of the next world war.


In 1983 the world was only millimeters away from the dooms day.

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Had no idea - well done that man - very interesting subject. Mind you - just to reassure you computer software can be just as buggy even today!




Still the US had similar problems with the WOPR didnt they :rofl:

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