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British defences in Falklands strong despite cutbacks

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Very interesting debate, particularly comments 14, 30, and 51.. pretty much nail right on the head.

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Not to mention Falklands now actually got their own milita, and not just a Marines detachment. It would be pure folly of Argentina to try and attack the Falklands again.


And some of the comments on that page is frankly disturbing.


I mean, 95% of Ålanders once wanted to be Swedish, but LON gave them to Finland. We did not start a war over it - and that was the twenties... ^^


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This is a game of attrition.

been going on the same day that ended the

war for the recovery of the Argentine territory of the Malvinas.

What looks Argentina , is that for England

Become unsustainable military spending producce

To maintain the defense of the islands and treat

to intimidate the Argentines.

If you notice, Argentina 10 years ago does not buy materials for combat.

And do not spend money on purchasing military Investment has businesses foreigners.

Argentine rulers 10 years ago, that only dedicated

Has claim to the UN and other global courthouses.

It's a game.

Only that we should not take it so sponge.}


The reality is that Argentina does not seek a war.

Just annoying








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I spent 4 months there in 1997... stuck on a mountain. Glad I went but every local person I spoke to all said the same when asked the question do they want to be governed by Argentina or UK it was always UK.

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It's a rather silly question.

With an obvious answer.


It's like taking a bunch of Argentineans. take them to another country or territory

Installed on an island, give them a governor.

And then ask them who they want to be governed.


It is normal for everyone to say Argentina. Or in this case England.



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You know what I find quite hilarious about some of the respondents baying for British blood in that and similar threads? The supporters of Argentine military invasion go on and on about the British Empire, about colonialism, as if they have some moral high ground. If the issue at stake is a question of sending people "back where they came from", the favourite jingoistic rallying call of fascists the world over, then surely the Spanish should think about buggering off back to Spain from where they came from, and leave the poor Natives alone! It's ridiculous of course, but that's the type of thinking behind a lot of the blind anger from some of the younger Argentinians, well I expect they are younger, perhaps the generation like myself, born around that time, who by not having actually been there have romanticised the war and misunderstood it, perhaps even seeing it as a war of defence against a "colonialism", a true case of pot and kettle if ever there was one!


Whatever happened so many years ago that left a bunch of Spanish running a country full of Natives, that left some British running some barely inhabitable Islands (even the Native Indians didn't live there permanently), it happened.. the important thing now is who are the people, and what do they want? The Spanish and mixed Spanish descendants of the Conquistadors don't want to leave Argentina and other countries, themselves the product of their own colonial imperialism, and no one's asking them to (well apart from the Natives being robbed of every last vestige of their traditional lands and practices across the continent), similarly, the British and British descendants in the Falkland Islands don't want to leave. (And the Native Falkland Islands Penguins, Gulls and Sheep don't want the Brits to leave either lol.gif)

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