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WW1 Air Combat Art Desktop

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For your own private use, you may take a picture of an air combat painting and make it into a desktop background.

That is a private use only, and shouldn't conflict with copyrights.

I just found one of those paintings in the Gallery over at "The Aerodrome" website.

It is the great painting " Twilight of the Jagdfliegers" by Steve Anderson.

I have a desktop of 1680 x 1050 Pixels resolution, so I brought it to the right width first.

The missing space I filled with bars of a deep blue, which I gathered from the darkest parts of the sky.

Also the writing is of a colour I took from the clouds. I took the freedom to correct the title to:

"Twilight of the Jagdflieger" - the plural of Jagdflieger would still be Jagdflieger.

Now I added two lines of the same colour, and moved the whole picture up enough, to gain the space for the

desktop icons below. Here is the result:




Try it yourself - it is very rewarding to have your own WW1 air combat desktop.

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Wow, RedDog, what a clear sharp photograph! Excellent desktop!

UncleAl, are you and Windows in a war or something? That OS seems to like to tease you at least. :pleasantry:

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Yeah, Mark Miller has some very realistic looking aircraft and air combat works there over at "The Aerodrome",

an encounter of Loerzer's Jasta 26 and a flight of Camels for example.

He seems to work with rendered models see more here:



Edited by Olham

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