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Beta 3 is up for us pre-purchasers.

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Beta 3, right from the source.


The trouble is, ED has pulled their usual act of yanking something at the last minute and saying

it will be added later.


Nellis AFB, Groom Lake and surrounding areas are no longer in, and won't be in the release.


I mean, how tired is the Crimea theater? They've been using it since Flanker 2!


When I was beta-testing LOMAC, they did the same thing with the dynamic campaign. That never did appear.


That is the main reason I took a pass on everything since, but I couldn't pass on the wunnerful



Here is the changelog;


* A-10C 3D model and cockpit are updated

* Autopilot bank limit is tuned

* Autopilot engagement/disengagement is tuned

* Hydraulic system is tuned

* ADI bank steering bar is adjusted

* INS FOM indication at IN-FLT alignment mode is fixed

* "If the TGP switch is on before the CICU starts, the TGP remains off until switch is toggled again" issue is fixed

* Animation speeds for Emergency Brake Lever, Air-To-Air Refueling Door Lever, & Intercom Mode Selector switch are adjusted

* EAC switch is made solenoid-held

* DC FUEL PUMP circuit breaker is made working

* HUD test menus are updated

* TGP Laser Code issue is fixed

* PAC mode nose trim problems are solved

* Fix of CDU reset at cold start

* Lamps test is fixed

* RWR ghost threats are fixed

* Incorrect SAS switch behavior is fixed

* "VHF FM radio not working with ramp start" issue is resolved

* External Tank Switches are set by default to on

* Chaff and flare dispersing is tuned

* Keyboard commands are updated

* HAI missile attack profile is tuned

* Hellfire firing is fixed

* HAI maneuvers are tuned

* Wingmen should follow radio commands correctly now

* Wingmen contact messages are fixed

* Multiple "SPIKE" and "MUD SPIKE" messages are removed

* PAI runway attack crash is fixed

* PAI runway attack profile is tuned

* PAI RTB issue is fixed

* PAI sensor issues are fixed

* PAI taxing logic is reworked

* Antiship task is added for A-10C

* ATC control over AI taxi to runway procedures is reworked

* AI taxi collision avoidance logic is reworked

* Patriot LN rotation issue is fixed

* Patriot ECS: detection range is tuned

* Chaparral start/stop tremor is fixed

* Pathfinding logic for ground units is tuned + crash is fixed

* Ground units: model names for destroyed units are corrected

* Avenger can be used in missions now

* Client issue with not detecting Patriot launch is fixed

* Friendly fire issue after changing mission on server is fixed

* Missions are updated, some new missions added

* Payloads are updated

* Mission generator work is fixed

* Runway start lights setup is adjusted

* Kobuletti runway bug is fixed

* Kopintari taxiways are fixed

* Lochini parking issue is fixed

* Level and land bug in Vaziani is fixed

* Fog is tuned

* Nevada terrain is excluded

* Solid smoke after ALT-Tab issue us fixed

* Bug in Elbrus textures is fixed

* Dynamic weather generation is added

* Allied flights and AWACS VO is added

* Crash in liveries is fixed

* Shader compilation is fixed

* Issues in 3D models of troops are fixed

* LODs of 3D models are tuned

* Some other system, weapons, models, terrain, sound etc. issues are fixed.


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It won't be in the release either? Why not? If it's in the beta it's obviously already mostly done, is there that much work left to do on it?

I gave them the Indian giver routine for DX11 because they announced it so late that when it was claimed it would be in A-10C I was just stunned they could do it that fast. The later retraction that it was taking longer than they thought and wouldn't make it in was perfectly reasonable. Nevada was announced for A-10C LONG ago, though. :mega_shok:

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Looks like before I add this patch I will remove the terrain files for Nevada, add the update and then put it back in. I like the Nevadas terrain alot. Its one of my reasons for getting this.

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I, personally, copied my Beta 2 folder to a different drive, then installed the patch on the old one.


Well, that was the theory, and other issues pervade, but I can still run the old one and fly on my old

maps, I tweaked quite a few from the Mission generator.


As to the release, JM, no, it won't be there. They did the same thing with the dynamic campaigns

in LOMAC. Announced it early, then yanked it a month before release. The current patch 2

version was definitely not ready for primetime.


Getting 5 - 7 fps when facing `Vegas, and 50-ish everywhere else was not a good sign.


They just say there's too much to be done before release.


Gotta be out for the Christmas sales I would imagine...

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I didn't remember the dynamic campaign being promised for LOMAC then yanked, but I do remember it was to come out "later". However, that was what, 7-8 yrs ago? Still no dynamic campaigns for LOMAC, FC, or DCS.


I had no idea the terrain performance was that bad, though. I suppose they feel it better to put it out later than have it working that horribly.

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Hi, how do you k now which files are nevada? Or which files and folders you need to back up for nevada? thx.

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I don't actually know, and figure it would be tough to get all the cross-correlations, so took the easy way out.


I copied the whole she-bang to a separate drive while it was still beta 2, then upgraded the original install to B3.


This way I can choose which install I fly from. The latest/greatest, or the one with my treasured Nellis missions

in it...

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i just bought A-10C Last night how could i download it on my computer what files do i need plz help

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