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Nick Tselepides

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;) I saw a good movie on TV last night titled "You Can Count On Me". I notcied that the land in the film looked much like your area, and in the film, , they often had country songs playing in the background. Have you seen it? If you have, can you tell me if the area (hills and trees) was in your state?


: :( Our cat mated with a tom 2 weeks ago and now she is losing hair around the neck, and the hairless skin spots are red, and this has been expanding--from a small patch under the neck initially, it has now grown to a 2-3 finer wide ring all around the neck, full circle. We are taking her to the vet later today, my wife is worried sick. Have you ever had this with your kitties?

Must be an infection she got from the tom who was biting her there.

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Sorry to hear about your cat, it sounds like a bacterial infection of some type. You might try this until you get her to the vet, get a good anti-bacterial hand soap and gently wash the affected areas. Keep an eye on them as she can make it worse by sratching in those spots. Try to clean any open sores with peroxide, just apply with a cotton ball or swab.

If she is wearing a flea collar remove that as it can cause the hair to fall out occasionally. Best of luck with her, and tell you wife not to worry, if she is in good health and well cared for this should work out fine.

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Hi Nick,


It appears as though the entire film, "You Can Count On Me" was shot in New York State. The website url:




mentions it.


Sorry to hear your momma cat is having problems. I agree with Firehawk's advice, but will add one thing to it. As soon as her skin problems are taken care of, and her babies are weaned.....you really should get her spayed. Cat and I would love to see pictures of her babies too!!




Oh yes, one more thing. Flea collars are useless on cats if you have one on her. The only thing that actually works, is the once a month drops on her neck. i.e...... Revolution or Advantage brand products.

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Thanks Navychief,


We took the cat to the vet, he gave us an ointment to apply to the area and cut off its hair around the neck--our Persian looks very funny now with a bare neck and long fuzzy hair everywhere else-- and she has stopped scratching, the red patches have gone. Seems she will recover totally.

She has no collar, and does not ever get any fleas as she only goes to the 3rd floor balcony, and never leaves the house. We might get her spayed later.


Thanks to all for the advice.



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