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F-4E_86, 45th TFW "The Warbirds" Skin Set (Fictional)

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F-4E_86, 45th TFW "The Warbirds" Skin Set (Fictional)

F-4E (86) Phantom II Skin Set - 45th TFW "The Warbirds"


-- For SF2 (any/all) --


This skin/decal set is designed for use =ONLY= on the TMF F-4E ARN-101, as this

is the proper airframe for the time period depicted. You can find/download the

aircraft at the following URL:






You MUST install this aircraft first, before applying this skinpak.


This is a fictional skin, representing the 45th TFW's 3 squadrons, as seen in the

Richard Herman novel "The Warbirds". The novel tells the story of a fictional

Persian Gulf war, wherein the 45th are (basically) the only US Air Power ™ in

the region. I won't go into the storyline, but since it all revolves around a

Phantom unit (the book says it's the last USAF Phantom unit, btw), and EVERYONE

love Phantoms ... it's a no brainer, eh?


The 3 Squadrons of the Wing are represented. They are:


377th TFS

378th TFS

379th TFS


They carry the tail badges as when assigned to RAF Stonewood. After much

discussion with the Resident Experts ™, it was decieded that the 45th's

deployment to Ras Assanya was just that -a deployment-, and they would still

carry the codes from their parent unit or base. Each squdron also has it's own

tailfin color flash.


A slightly modified Loadout ini is included, with some weapons changes (back to

Iron Bombs ™ ). In reality, these late-model aircraft were used more on PGM

delivery (ie: laser guided bombs) than 'dumb-bombs'. The Dumb Bombs fit more with

the descriptions in the book.


As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package

has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs, to make it a LOT

easier to install (read: drag and drop).

Don't forget to read the "Notes & Other Nonsense" for various and sundry

ramblings of a madman, and Full Credits.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein

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afaik, 86 and later. (the story in the book take place sometime between 90-91 as Dave & I extrapolated)



kevin stein

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Ya know, I may just go grab my autographed copy of "The Warbirds" and re-read it, then come back for these babies.


Yeah, that sounds like a plan.


Thanks, gents...



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