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Yak-28L (SF2)

Yak-28L for SF2 Readme


Yak-28L 'Lotos' (Lotus) (1961)


Model based on Yak-28B model by Pasko, sound by Spiloone 104


A4-B Cockpit repaint by Wrench


red5202 pilot by The Trooper


plane required SF2 Soviet Bombs pack, please install it before




To Install:


- unpack Archive in temporary folder


- copy Yak-28L folder to Aicraft folder.


- copy Sounds to Sound folder


- copy pilots to Pilots folder


- copy Fuel tanks & MER to Weapons folder (Weapon racks KD3-226-250 & KD3-226-500 has ini only section, they need for 6 FAB-250 / 4 FAB-500 loadout)


Plane specifications:




- Engine R-11AF-300


- GSh-23 gun


- max flight distance 2100 km


- Mach limit 1.94


- no radar, 'Lotos' Navigation system


- Bombs loadout


- 6 FAB-250 type bombs (1620 kg max)




- 4 Fab-500 type bombs (2120 kg max)




1 FAB-1500 or 1 FAB-3000 type bombs (3200 kg max)


Yak-28L features:


- animated canopy


- animated air intake cone


- animated nozzles


- drag chute



Yak-28L production: (111 planes 1961-64)


Yak-28L conversion/modifications: Yak-28RR ('Radiotsionnoy Razvedki' {Radiation Recon}) - 10 planes


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This plane is very needed in NATO Fighters. Much more historical correct instead IL-28s in the 1968 campaign.

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I like it! :good:


Many Thanks... :clapping:


Coupi. :salute:

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