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I've received a few inquires into the status of this project...


1.) Yes I'm still alive.

2.) Yes, the H is in production.

3.) While It is to a point where I could post some progress-pics, I'm choosing keep it under wraps for the moment. (It will be worth the wait I promise!)

4.) It will be done in "2-weeks".


Actually, while progress was moving along nicely of the coarse over the last few months... With August right around the corner, this project will effectively slow to glacial pace until November. Ya see, I am a head coach of a youth football team and as such I'm a little busy over the next few months making little boys beat the hell out of each other.


5.) What's taking so long? In my usual fashion I choose to go where others have not (yet) and I am experimenting with a few new/different modeling things with this project. Some didn't work as expected and required re-starting, while others though tedious, are proving to be quite rewarding.


Long-and-Short... Be patient young HOG Jockeys!

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well this works out pretty good because from August to November I'll be playing football and won't have much time to obssess about the H ;) take your time and good luck with your season.

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In Zurawski i believe, and in two weks i will be flying in the f-86h.:drinks:




Another sabre for the hangar....

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