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Carrier lights at night?

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Hi just thought id introduce myself,recently purchased SF2 vietnam,and added the excellent air and ground mod,i really love the sim

very immersive,but i have one quick question if thats ok ive started a Linebacker campaign flying from USS SARATOGA in a A-6 B intruder

ive had a couple of night missions but theres no runway lights etc on the carrier so very hard when landing,i dont know if this is the norm and im

sorry if this question has been asked before p.s excellent forum by the way ,many many thanks for anybodys help :drinks:

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The stock Carrier has never had lights from day 1 - they need to be part of the model as I understand this.



  • Press Esc when you get near the carrier.
  • There are a few add on carriers with lights - but none to directly replace the Essex class and Kitty Hawk class (That I know of)



Bit embarrassing for 3rd wire really - they need to get this sorted in the upcoming F-14 game!

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Does your SF2:Vietnam A-6 have a cockpit?


I just noticed last night that while my SF1:WoV A-6's had pits, none of my SF2:V A-6s/EA-6Bs have cockpits. I think I read on another thread hyperlinked in someone's sig, in the SF2 unofficial manual, that the A-6s in SF2 don't come with pits. If yours has them, I'd like to know what you did to get them....I miss my A-6s.

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