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Boeing/Mitsubishi FA-18FJ Suzumebachi

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In 2011, the actual minister of defense, Toshimi Kitazawa, wanted the air force to be more powerful and well equipped than they are now. Even the F-2 and the F-15J and DJ seemed not to be modern enough. Kitazawa was of the opinion, with the rising of China and the becoming dangerous of northern Korea, the air force as main line of defense had to be strong and powerful.


During that same year, Japan and the US signed a contract over more than 120 planes, primarily F-Type, of the Super Hornet. Being modified by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for being capable of using the modern japanese missiles, the Hornet received the same name, but in japanese: Suzumebachi.


Being odd at first sight, the new aggressor camo of the first squadron to receive the plane reflects the mood of its pilots, showing the enemy that there will be no retreat..just like Samurai. The unperfect camo concerning some stains along the colour borders are wanted and shall recall the japanese calligraphy.


The first planes will enter service in 2012 in the 301st, 303rd, 306th and 501st Hikotai.


Aggressor camo



Standard grey camo


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I guess the VFA-122 desert pattern can be modded in so many ways it's not even funny... Looks sharp!

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