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Skinning for beginners

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I've been playing and installing mods/skins for couple years and now wanted to try out making skins.


I'm getting pretty good with Photoshop, and am interested in making skins based on 80's GI Joe planes.


How do I get started making skins? I tried modifying existing skins...but it doesn't work well (as you know) when I don't have all the layers. Are there templates of various aircraft with multiple layers to work on through Photoshop?


Any advice and/or help would be greatly appreciated!



Mark Mejia

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Templates are a necessity if you want to get anywhere fast. Otherwise you need to make your own templates by building layers from existing skins: something I have neither the time, patience, nor skill to do as well as the good skinners that can be found here. Find out who the author of the best skins are and shoot them an email if you can't find templates already available for an aircraft you are interested in.

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simmerspaintshop.com has EXCELLENT turotials!! GIMP, Photoshop, the other one like PS ... great stuff there!


as to templates, there are pretty much none for SF2; there are some home-grown versions, some are in the downloads section. For the most part .. we build our own


good luck, have fun and don't get too discouraged. all our 1st efforts came out horrid! (except maybe Sundowners... :grin:)

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