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Another Sweden Terrain!!!!


It does venture further South into what is now Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. If you increase the boundary, you can get the North of Poland as well and maybe a little bit of Norway.


I would like to do better planning maps and more road bases for Sweden. But I realise that it has taken me this long to get this far and

life is not slowing down so I release it to the masses to scrutinize. That and JonathanRL would like to stuff around with it. So this ones for you Jono!!

Good luck.



Unzip the "Sweden" to a temp folder, or your desktop or somewhere easy to find.

Then copy/paste, move the Sweden terrain folder into your Terrains folder in whichever game install you're installing it to!.

Go to the Sweden.in file and change the cat to the appropriate cat file.

Go fly!


Decals included:


Viggen: F6






J-35F: F1




There is a readme if you really do read them.




Gepard - Tutorial on the combat ace website

Stary - Germany CE Buildings and TOD files

Suicidal - Submarines

Wingwinner - Ground objects

JonathanRL - Encouragement

My wife - Patience/understanding/keeping me sane when I was pulling my hair out over this thing

EricJ - Helping me rebuild my files

TK - Goes without saying really doesn't it!

CombatAce - Wouldn't be here otherwise, word!!

All you guys out there as well!!!!

If I did miss anyone, it is not intentional




PS. I made a few tiles for target specific areas, nothing to flash but I didn't put this info in the readme.


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This is everything I could have hoped for! I LOVE IT and well worth the wait.


I am sure to base my 1960s campaign around this - and it makes the 2012 Midwinterdarkness Campaign work alot better as well since that one is all about Gotland.


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On behalf of the Neanderthal members (primitive, stubborn idiots, playing with the prehistoric stuff that is still around if you dig deep enough :grin: ): thank you very much for a very nice terrain !!!!:drinks: :drinks: :drinks:






Edit: you made an especially fine job of the former Eastern Prussia/ Kaliningrad with nice naval targets (also in real life a very interesting area) and of the Baltic states with great bridges etc. Great atmosphere !!!!

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gillg, my jaw dropped first time I launched this map -the tiling is outstanding! must'[ve been hours and hours of hard work placing all the tiles (by hand!) via TE


5/5 terrain!:clapping::clapping::clapping::drinks:

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