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How to Quesiton (add Aim-120 to F-14, example)

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I've looked around the forums. And I can't seem to figure out exactly how to add a new weapon system to an existing aircraft (that isn't currently outfitted to carry such a weapon). I'm just play testing around and for example. Say I wanted to have an F-14 capable to carry an AIM-120.


How could I go about this?

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In the Data.ini In the weapons Section Add to the AllowedWeaponClass= AHM for the AIM-120

Missile must have correct Year ,AttachmentType, Size limits All that good stuff must match or be less than the weapons station max linits or it won't load . To use a USAF Missile On a USN AC, Missile Must be "Exported=TRUE" for the right years, Check the AIM-120_DATA.ini


AC -DATA.ini--------------------------------------











AllowedWeaponClass=AHM,ARM,SAHM,IRM <---------------------------------------------------






MinExtentPosition=-0.65, 4.95,-0.75

MaxExtentPosition= 0.65, 2.40, 0.00



KB Link: http://combatace.com/topic/12099-basic-ini-editing-weapon-stations/


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well would be interesting for a what if Super D or E model, but no the navy didnt invest in Slammer capability for the Tomcat. probably didnt want to admit the Phoenix was a lemon!

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The Navy did invest in the Slammer for the F-14, the problem was that the A and B models didn't have fast enough processors for the AIM-120 (there's a specific bus that was too slow), and the F-14 already had the AIM-54, which was far from a lemon. The Navy did perform suitability tests with the -120, and the F-14D could have feasibly carried it with its newer avionics. As it was explained to me, because the F-14 had the AIM-54, a multi-mode to include Active homing missile, and for purposes of standardization among the Tomcat fleet, the Navy decided to forgo giving the newer missile to the D as well, in spite of the fact that it was able to carry the weapon.


EDIT: Apparently the equipment to allow the A/B/D Tomcat to carry the -120 wound up costing too much as well (around $150M for software/hardware to provide only single shot capability, compared to multi-shot with the AIM-54), to include unique launchers (would require modifications to the tunnel launchers between the engine nacelles). In the end, the missile was not pursued even in the D.

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