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Iran/Iraq 2003+ Terrain for SF2

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Iran/Iraq 2003+ Terrain for SF2

Iran-Iraq 2003+ Terrain


- For SF2, Full-4 Merged (Reccomended) -


This is a complete and total rebuild of the 1980s version of the Iran/Iraq terrain, into a slightly more modern version. IE: Post-0IF, and especially designed/rebuilt for the Operation Darius mod now circulating around. This is a completly seperate map, and will NOT conflict with the 1980s Iran-Iraq War map.


Basically, the sides have been switched; making Iran enemy and Iraq friendly (as it's most definatly post-OIF). The terrain has the Limited Nations statments set, modified movements ini, some minor retiling and additions to the _targets and _types inis. The terrain also has a 'fixed' StartDate= of 2003. The rest of the Gulf states have been reactivated as FRIENDLY, but the majority of cities in Kuwait, Bahrain, Quatar and Saudi Arabia are basically 'just there for show'. OTH, all the airfields are now active.

OTH, again, new planning maps were NOT generated -- so don't be alarmed when seeing the markers as Red in Iraq, and Blue in Iran. I just didn't want to redo them.


No GroundObjects are included with this terrain ... for Op Darius they are/will be a seperate download. They also should NOT conflict with amongst themselves, if/when installed to a 'general all-incusive' game install, as they've been adapted for use in all installs (ie: many are nation specific, and all have new correct userlists).


As always, detailed install instructions are included below.




kevin stein


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i really put a lot of effort in placing things, on both this and the 1980s rebuild.

After all, THIS is the region where civilization began.


So, if you can find the time, do a little sightseeing. There's Sumer, Ur, Babylon, Perseoplis in Iran (sp?). The only thing I didn't add were the warning signs around Babylon (as told to me by our service memebers that's been there) to 'Please Don't Steal the Bricks"

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