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Important Announcement for ALL SF2 PropHeads!

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We have our new SF2 WW2 Category!!


I'd asked Erik to create one for us, where we can put all the aircraft, aircraft mods, and skin sets. Sorry, it's not seperated into Skins, Aircraft, etc. It's all one category. While it may get confusing, at least ALL the stuff will be in one place.


Over the next few days, I'll be moving all the WW2 and Post-War (to 1948) Skins and Aircraft Mods into this category.


With a little bit of luck, I'll find them and move them all. If anyone finds one (or more!) that I missed, PM me with the file link and I'll take care of it.


Also, with a LOT more bits of luck, we can start (re)generating interest in SF2-based WW2, and drag some FM and 3d Gurus -most likely kicking and screaming- along to get some of these "Angry WarBirds" :grin: up to SF2-speed.


Thank you All, and Thanks To Erik!!


So, remember: when uploading for WW2, PLEASE make sure that it

    [a] goes in the correct category
    most !!!DEFINATELY!!! has years or a text callout that says "WW2" or immeadeate Post-War in your announcment statement




kevin stein

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Thanks Wrench now we can all find WW2 mods in one place and cut down our search time. .........and the Oscar goes to Wrench for best SF support!:salute: Semper fi buddy

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now, what's gonna happen with non-converted stuff you might ask??


expecially all the items (well, MOST of the items) that had been posted on my site.


well, since 99.9999999999999% are NOT really SF2 ready (in special reference to FM/data inis), they're going to be posted, in packages in the relevant WW2 sections in the 1stGens Downloads.


for instance, the Pearl Harbor/Midway Kate skin & decal paks

the 3 TBF/TBM paks -will be combined into one, with 3 seperate internal folders.


various and sundry Havoc's, Mitchells, so on and so forth ....blahblahblah. You get the idea.


it's a rather simple matter to drop them into a WW2 SF2 mods folder, and move the decals where they need to go.

In fact, I'll be writing a short tutorial for the KnowledgeBase on a quickie, simple, easy way to do that.


Considering the sheer amount of WW2 mods (yah, a goodly portion by ME!), it's gonna take some time to assemble the require paks and get them uploaded. (read: remembering where I archived them too!!)


On a side note, for those folks here NOT CA subscribers, I'd like to ask that you DO become a subscriber, at least for some time (even the minimum monthly) -pay/donate the membership, simply to cover server costs. I'm going to be uploading 100s of megs worth of stuff, and as a thank you to Erik and other Admins that actually pay for CombatAce, it'd be a reallly nice gesture!

Just a suggestion. One I'd like you all to think about. Whatever you can afford. It's the very least "Thank You" we can offer.



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