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North American F-100G Super Sabre 131st TFS, Mass ANG

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North American (Rockwell) F-100G Super Sabre - 131st TFS, 104th TFW, Massachusetts ANG, 1982

President James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter started his presidency in January 1977 with a detailed review of the US military budget and his most high-profile decision was the cancellation of the Rockwell B-1A bomber programme in June 1977. But many smaller programmes were cut or cancelled too along with the postponement of the re-equipping of TAC and ANG units with new aircraft types. F-16A and A-10A production was slowed down and many TAC and ANG units were instructed to hold on to their F-100's and F-105's for an indefinate period. In a genuine (but actually insulting) compensatory gesture Rockwell were given a $45million contract to upgrade 90 F-100D's for continued service with the ANG with the aircraft emerging from their Columbus, Ohio plant as F-100G's with refurbished engines, partially re-skinned wings and minor avionics upgrades.

The first unit to receive F-100G's was the 131st Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield who had been scheduled to convert from the F-100D to A-10A's but instead received F-100G's which served until 1986.














Once again, big thanks to Henrik (hgbn) for uploading his F-100D template.



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What engines do they have?




Same J57-P-21 engines Sid, just refurbished.

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HI, nice one. i am from boston, ma so this one would be special. Upload when can. thx.

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Oh yeah, as a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I have to say this is awesome!

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