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Just been looking at the overhead for Pima Air and Space and there are quite a few interesting flying machines they have parked outside...




Is the link if anyone is interested... Was thinking of a challenge for fun going clockwise thats the aircraft to the right of the one named above name the next one and so on from the outside in...


My Start is NB-52A The High and the Mighty One... Its the Silver Buff... Used for dropping amongst other things X-15's 199 Times...


Yes I have been reading about the X-15 again... :good:

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Can't begin to tell you the number of times I've visited PASM, thank god it's only a 20 minute drive away :)

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I was only there once. It was like 110 that day, with like a 20mph wind that was like standing in a hair dryer. :boredom:


Of course, it was long ago when the XV-15 was still there, before the V-22 program pulled it out for testing.

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