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About Loyalty - über Loyalität

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Well, here are the words from my last passage in post #1 again:


Now don't worry, my friends - I do not mean to say, that I must leave and move over to the new official forum.

All I want to say is, that it might be the perfect time to show some loyalty.

Not by leaving this forum behind.

Simply by showing up and posting in the new official forum too.

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People's passions only come out when they talk about the things they truly love. Viewed from that perspective - all of the various answers just show how much love and respect folks around here have for OBD and CA Forums.


Fortunately when the dust all settles - move or no move - we haven't lost either one. We just gained another place to visit. I for one am grateful.



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I personally do not see why we must declare to the world a prime loyalty to either

True. And yet...and yet I found myself checking SimHQ less and less often. The really interesting topics were posted in both places, and this still feels like home.

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