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KGB vs. Teddy bears

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There's pants-on-head retarded and there's Belorussian security service


"...Katyaryna Skurat, 16, was detained by KGB officers yesterday..."

"...the girl is suspected to have been the first to take photos of the “Swedish assault”..."

That assault -> "The aircraft dropped 876 teddy bears with free-speech leaflets over the outskirts of Minsk and the town of Ivyanets in the Valozhyn district of the Minsk region."





This s**t goes beyond Monty Python level of zany. I mean, they've already banned applauding the president at one point, because clapping hands became the symbol of protesters. The way things are going, next they'll just censor any mention of soft toys in the media.

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I can just see the next headline:


GrViper wanted by KGB for posting anti KGB slander - 100 years minimum term

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Imbeciles....... IQ the same as their shoe-size.

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KGB vs teddy bears, it reminds me of an old joke...


The Moscow Police has found the body of an unknown murdered woman, and the only clue on the crime scene was a teddy bear. The experts of scientific police do their best, but just can't find any lead. As a last resort, the teddy bear is entrusted to a veteran KGB officer.

After only one hour, the KGB man comes back and states:

"The teddy berr belonnged to the woman's daughterr. Herr name is Katia, she is 2. The Murrdrerr is the husband. They live at 741, Komsomolski Prrospekt...

After a mute open-mouthed moment, the police officers dare to ask:

"Incredible! Comrade officer, how could you find all of this out?"

And the KGB man replies with a cruel grin:

"The teddy berr... sponntanioussly komfessed..."

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