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Houston..we have a problem

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"I should not have eaten Fajitas this morning..."

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When I was an instructor in T-37s I had a student barf in the midst of spin recovery training. There we were hurtling down in a full spin with not much altitude to recover and all I could think about was shifting the rudders enough to get the amoeba-like ball of barf floating in the cockpit over the student's lap before putting some positive 'g' on the jet. We got the floating ball when the student was hurling into his oxygen mask (live mike) and could not get his mask unhooked. I admit that I thought about letting him pass out first, but relented visualizing the headlines of letting the kid die in his breakfast pizza. I reached over and released his bayonet clip and out came this really ripe ball of ugly stuff. Thank God for 100% oxygen selectors so I didn't have to smell the stuff all the way home. Poor youngster spent the better part of two hours cleaning up the mess to the satisfaction of the crew chief after we landed. And we did recover prior to impacting the earth, but not by a whole bunch.

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Great story...had more than a few incentive rides upchuck in the back seat...could still smell it up front! Most of them got it in the bag...but had one kid fill the bag and then it burst.


That wasn't pleasant....



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