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slick cowboy

How to install the clouds mod

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I'm pretty new to the modding thing, and i'm not particularly looking for heavy mods, but I'd love to install the Sarcasm cloud mod.

Only there's isn't really much info on how to install it... I created a Terrains folder in Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 and pasted everything in there, but no change.

I then tried with a Effects folder, but nothing either...


Am I missing something?


Please help... I'd love to try out those clouds :-)

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Hello slick cowboy, yes, the files from the SARCASM 1.3 go into your Flight folder

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Staight from the Readme File:




First, backup these files, if present in you Flight folder:


















To install extract this package to your main mods folder, if asked overwrite.


These all go in the Flight Folder in your Mods folder for each installed game: i.e. StikeFighters2: StrikeFighter2 Europe: StrikeFighters2 Vietnam: StrikeFighters2 Israel.



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depends on version I think SC 1.2 had Flight folder with files inside it, while 1.3 for certain (just checked) has all files loosely in the archive


anyway, the files NeverEnought listed should be present in your insatlled game's flight folder for the mod to work

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