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Possible RFC Sgt Pilot's 1912 Model 1st Version Tunic

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Greetings All,


This weekend I purchased what might be a 1912 Model RFC Other Ranks maternity tunic with pilot wings, RFC tags, and sergeant chevrons. By pure chance I came upon it on eBay just a few minutes before it was due to close so I had no time to ask the seller any questions about it. However, the seller had posted some nice photos, and has a perfect rating in terms of customer satisfaction, so I took a leap of faith and bid on the item, and ended up winning it. Here are the photos of the tunic and badges, (with the backgrounds on the first two images neutralized to better show the item itself):

















It looks to me like the bottom of the tunic has been shortened 3" to 4" or so as the single short vent is missing at the back and the ends of sleeves appear to land just below the bottom hem . Also, the bottom hem looks different from the vertical seam. But the rest of the tunic has the right 'feel' to it. If you compare it to the following photo of the 1912 Model, first version, as seen in the Osprey publication "British Air Forces 1914-18" by Andrew Cormack, it looks like it could be a match:





It has the stand and fall collar with only a top hook to close it, and because no pocket flaps are visible it likely has the vertical slit pockets: both features would be correct for this version. Also, because this is an OR maternity tunic, (and seems to be the very earliest version at that), it would be odd if it were a replica, simply because most would want the 1914 or later officer's versions with the epaulettes and full lapels. The item should arrive in a week or so and I can examine it in person and post additional photos, but until then I would appreciate any information and opinions that others might have on this old tunic.







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I don't know anything about British uniforms, but now it seems you're going to have to start collecting a complete set with medals and stuff. Just like the French one you already have.


And so it begins... :biggrin:

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...then comes a German flyer - and then you must build a room on to your farm house.

Well, this seems to lead to something inevitably: a "Great War Flying Museum" - a nice

and not too hard job for your old age, Lou!

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Great find. It almost looks like they took it and turned it into a WWI version of a double-breasted "Eisenhower Jacket".


Interesting how the herringbone detail on the top two chevrons differs from the bottom one. I guess they just added stripes as they got promoted. Now, we replace the entire insignia with the next rank up (or down).

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