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The Eastern Front Campaigns - (some assembly required)

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I have uploaded the campaigns for the Eastern Front. There are three campaigns and it requires a lot of downloads - about 30 planes plus skins and ground objects. Hopefully, you have a lot of it already. Installation instructions are included in the download.


This was made on FE1. Sinbad and quack74 helped with the testing on FE2 and I have some notes for converting to FE2. The biggest issue is names of planes and installing the decals, especially for some of the planes that were made a few years ago. Sinbad and I have made new versions of the SPAD 7 especially for this campaign, they are included in the download.


My thanks to ojcar, sinbad, quack74, whiteknight 06604, and everyone else who helped and/or contributed.

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yes, what Anti-Static said, you fellers do all the work and we reap the rewards, and with out you chaps the sim would have died off ages past :drinks:

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Of the three modern WW1 flight sims, each has their individual strengths.

1. RoF is the flight model

2. OFF is the Campaign immersion

3. FE1/2 is the modability


As a result, only in FE1/2 could the modders create planes, terrains and campaigns that go beyond what the original Devs created for the game.


So thank you Stephen1918 for expanding the WW1 flight universe.

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This is a real gem.


I had a running start testing this, and I have to tell you it is worth the effort to install.

If you have any problems, I probably had them already, and I'll try to help.


I continue to recommend the Jones Soft Mod Enabler. The full package of AC campaign and terrains is 2.11 GB on my rig.

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