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Capitaine Vengeur

150 years ago this day...

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On September 17, 1862, Robert Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia faced a Federal army twice his strength around Sharpsburg, MD. Many units on both sides achieved glorious feats, many were practically wiped out, often the same. Lee could repel separated attacks for all of the day, and by the night, some 23,000 Americans were laying on the ground, a quarter to a third of each engaged army. A large part of the Union army had been left unused and lost the matchless occasion to crush once and for all the exhausted Rebel army that evening. Lee could fall back to fight another day, and humiliate Washington more than once again. Yet President Lincoln considered that bloody stalemate the victory he waited for since long, and issued his Emancipation Proclamation a few days thereafter.

Battle of Antietam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Antietam is the bloodiest day of battle ever fought on the American continent, and the bloodiest day in American military History. This day alone cost more American lives lost in battle than all of the wars the States fought since the end of the War of Independence. Humbly remember these days of thunder...

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As a loving and legal Son of the Confederacy, I am glad we lost and am sad we ever fought.

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