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This requires some work, so pay attention.


1: Download this package by Stary.



2: Unzip the package so that the Cockpit Folder & MiG-15_Cockpit file ends up in the MiG-17F Folder.

(Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Aircraft\MiG-17F or your equivalent)


3: Open the MiG-17F.ini file, and add the following line under [AircraftData]



4: Repeat for any other MiG you wish to have flyable. The cockpit I provided is suitable for MiG 15/17 and 19.

If you wish for the MiG 17 PF/PFU; use this file:



With that file, only installation in the MiG 17PFU Folder is necessary.

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better 17F cockpit is "some unfinished state, in the works" so be patient, ETA is of course is "two weeks"


*as you are new here onslaught "two weeks" means when it's done, might be a month or a year so don't hold your breath... I really recommend reading both Strike Fighters Knowledge Base aswell as Combat Ace abbreviations thread.


Welcome and have fun

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Very welcome this cockpit for the MiG-17F. Thanks. A cockpit for MiG-15bis can be also very welcome someday.

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that too, is already out.

the first link in JRL post, IS the 15/17/19 pit

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